A Day in Magdeburg

It is Christmas time and we wanted to see some Christmas Market outside of Berlin. We also wanted to go to a city we haven’t been and that we could go by bus, so we could leave the car at home and enjoy a Glühwein (a typical hot beverage for the winter time in Germany: hot wine seasoned with Orange, Lemon and Cinnamon). So, where to go? Why not Magdeburg!? Join me there and check it out how it was a day at the capital of the Saxon-Anhalt.

But why by bus?

Well, we had a voucher just about to expire from Flixbus, so using it is better than losing it, right?! But this is the reason why we decided to go by bus and not by train, that could be also a very good option. The travel lasted only one and a half hours and the bus central is really by the side of our house. So this way also made the travel super quick! We took the bus 8 in the morning at the ZOB (the bus central in Berlin) and we took it back to Berlin also at 8, but in the evening in Magdeburg. There, the Bus Station is together with the Central Station (HBF – Hauptbahnhof). Easy peasy!

What to do in Magdeburg

Our main point was to see the Christmas Market, but we had a full day in the city, so why not enjoy it? It was a bit cold to stay long outside, but at the same time, there was a nice and beautiful sun that helped us to warm up on our long walks. Another fun fact is that near to the central station there are several shopping malls, so we knew exactly where to go if got too cold.


We started our day with a nice breakfast at a place with an amazing cake! (Yes, I pick a bakery for there cakes, indeed!) The Bakery name is Bäckerei Sprung and it is at Ulrichplatz 4. If you go there, you must try out their Schwarzwald Kuche (Black Forest Cake). It is really delicious!


After breakfast, we went for a walk around the Old City of Magdeburg and we got very surprised by how cute it is! The Gothic Cathedral is the oldest in Germany (yes, older than the one in Colony). The Cathedral is surrounded by an old city wall and this gives a double charm to it. Another surprising thing was a sun-powered bench were you can recharge your phone via USB or even by contact. This bench is right in front of the Cathedral. You really don’t need a map to walk around the old city centre. Just follow your eyes! 😉

Our Lady Monastery

Another medieval construction in the town. Nowadays the place is a museum, but just having a look outside is already worthy.

House of Hundertwasser

When we got there, I felt like arriving in a very small Barcelona. Already on the streets on the way there, it was a funny feeling, but this building looks a lot like a Gaudi construction. It is much smaller than the Spanish buildings, but it is beautiful and a really Must-See!

Elbe River

It was so pleasant to have a walk along the Elbe River shore! We wanted to get to the Elbe River Balcony, but I must say the all the rest was more pleasant than the balcony itself. Not mentioning that people try hard to crash those glasses, so it is a bit scary to step over it.


What an amazing bridge! It was an old train rail that connected Magdeburg to Potsdam, but many things made the bridge go out of use. Because of the route of the ships in Elbe River, they had to lift the bridge in order to keep it there. Nowadays the bridge is filled with wood signs with words from people that donated money to keep the bridge.

The Christmas Market

There are two main markets: a very traditional one, which was a bit more of the same what you see everywhere and a medieval one, which was the cool one. We really enjoyed the second more and we even wanted our Glühweine to be from there.

Is Magdeburg Worthy?

Well, if you want to go just for Christmas Market, I guess that you are going to find other interesting places in Germany, like Dresden. All those touristic places we did slowly in three hours and spent the rest of our day inside the Shopping Mall. If it was summer, we would definitely have enjoyed the outside much more, especially near to the city walls, that looked so beautiful! So, if I can recommend Magdeburg to you, I recommend it with better weather. =)