A day in Miami

Actually, less than a day. It was only 12 hours, but we got so involved and in love that felt like we were there for around 2 or 3 days already. If you want to take the best tip on what to do in Miami for just a couple of hours, keep reading and you won’t regret.

Miami it is not all about the shopping

For many countries – the expensive ones, like Brazil, for example -, when it comes to Miami is more about shopping than enjoying. Of course that to many people enjoying is all about shopping, but to us, the Join Me There travel lovers, is more about walking around, enjoying the corners, the view, discovering ways and in the end relaxing looking to some amazing view. That’s what we did in Miami.

As soon as we got our flight ticket from São Paulo – Barcelona, with a stop over Miami for 12 hours, we already knew what we wanted to do. We wanted to go to Miami Beach and spend as much time as possible there. So we had a goal to follow and we went for it. We were not there to shop, because we couldn’t carry. After this long two flights, we still had a complete new travel ahead of us. From the same day of our arrival in Barcelona, we had to take off to London and then Bangkok to backpack in Asia. So carrying extra thing was completely out of question for us.

Arriving in Miami

Arriving and getting out of the airport was super easy. If you have a stop over like us, be careful while just following our footsteps. In our case everything was easy and empty, because we landed at 4:30 in a Sunday morning.

If you are from a country that can apply for the ESTA visa (an online and super easy visa to have), then immigrating in America is completely troubleless. First you go to the visa self-service terminals, answer some questions, scan your pass and you get a paper to go on. You go to the Immigration Police line, they will take your pass, stamp it and you procede to take your bag, to make your connection or to exit the airport. In our case, we had asked to send our bags straight to Barcelona so we were luggage free while walking in Miami. It was around 5:00 by the time we got to the public transportation central. So, you can see how quick and empty was everything. It is definitely the best time to arrive in Miami!

In our way to this public transportation central we tried to take some money from a ATM machine, but we couldn’t. A bit later we were told that the ATM are empty during the night and you can’t withdraw money. Security measurements.

Getting to the city from the Airport

Like I said before, our intention was to go straight to Miami Beach, so we asked at the information point about which way to take. The very gentle security guard told us that there is an Express Bus that goes from the Airport straight to Miami Beach in less than 30 min. This bus is the 140 and the ticket costs U$ 2,25. The only problem was the fact that this bus runs everyday from 7:00 am, so we still had 2 hours ahead of us and we were pretty unhappy to wait.

(Extra: the information we got from the friendly guard was wrong. The bus runs from 6 am to 11:40 pm every day)

From the same place the subway was already working and as an advice he told us to take it to the “Government Center” station and from there to take the “Metromover” and look around. And also we could get out in some stations and see the bay. After that would be enough time to take the 140 near to the bridge and get to Miami Beach.

We almost followed his instructions. We took the train (each ticket costs U$ 2,25), went until the “Government Center” station, took the Metromover (a free and automated capsule, like those we usually take in airports) and we went out of it on Bayfront Park station, where we started to walk around and we had enough time to see a very beautiful sunrise.

After looking accross the bridges and checking the maps, we decided to walk until Miami Beach. It was 7 in the morning when we started to walk and we reached the beach only around 9:30. We were extra tired, specially after a night awake inside an airplane, but we didn’t regret the walking at all. It is walking that you feel the place, you see the city and you experience things. We took the “Venetian Way” to cross the sea and we could see many locals jogging, riding bicycles, walking their dogs. We saw beautiful houses, local villages and the bridges going up for the boats. We also sit down a bit by the shore, appreciating the nice weather and the clean water view. When we got to Miami Beach, we took our shoes away and the sand massaged our tired feet. It was a combo of small pleasures.

The sun was still very easy and we even managed to sleep for around one hour laying on the sand. Miami Beach is pretty windy and with a stunning turquoise sea. The wind makes the laying under the sun much easier. What woke us up was not the sunburns, but the people talking and walking around us. It was getting pretty crowded so we decided to walk a bit around and see the area in the South Beach and find a nice place to eat.

In South Beach, we were near to Ocean Drive, a famous, fancy and expensive avenue. If you want to find nice restaurants with less touristic prices, you should go to Collins Ave. or Washington Ave. We picked a pretty cool Tex Mex place (Taco Rico Tex-Mex) and went for a small walk at a shopping area at the Lincoln Road. After that, we went back to the beach, enjoyed a pleasant time and at 4 we took the bus back to the airport.

The day at the Miami Beach was pleasant and we don’t regret the tour at all. We highly recommend it to anyone with long stops over.

Date of our visit to Miami: 26.03.2017