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Simon Hankammer is a Berliner born in 1989, same year that the Berlin Wall was brought to the ground. He graduated in London as a Bachelor in International Business and Marketing. Back in Berlin worked in advertising companies like Metadesign and Mandalah. He is also a world traveler from crib and has visited over 41 countries and so many cities that he can’t even tell. You are going to join him in many of those destinations and so many more to come!

Ariela Reis, a.k.a. Katz, was born in 1984 in São Paulo, Brazil. She already lived in Italy and nowadays lives in Berlin. She is a marketing specialist, starting her career very early, when she was only 16 years old. As a traveler she started after hers 23 years old, but already visited more than 23 countries and a lot of cities. Her ambition is to take you everywhere around the world and you can start joining her now!

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