Barcelona for few hours

We landed in Barcelona for just few hours, but we wanted to pay Gaudí a visit, so we left the airport and went for a quick tour, a nice dinner and we gave ourself the chance to explore Barcelona, even if it was for just few blocks.

How long it takes to say hello to Gaudí?

For 73 days we are going to be travelling around and, besides being home based in Berlin, our start points to Brazil and to Asia is Barcelona. So we booked a Ryanair (low cost flight company in Europe) flight that would arrive in Barcelona exactaly 20 hours before our flight to Miami. We would arrive at 15:45 and our flight to Miami would be at 11:50 in the morning. But our flight Berlin > Barcelona was delayed for half hour.

Well, let’s say that in 20 hours you have pretty much enough time to go all around and take the best from the city. But you also have to considere that from those 20 hours, approximately 8 hours you would rather be sleeping. Or at least around 5 hours. So, if it fits your pocket, you can book a night in a hotel or you can go on the budget (like us) and simply have the night over the airport.

So, we knew that the last train from the city center to the airport would be around 23:30 and to not take the risks, we settled 22:30 as our maximum time to go back. Then, taking the bags, finding the way to the subway, and the time to go and back, you can already subtract another 2 hours. In the end, we arrived 16:30, so we would have around 4 hours to try to see everything we wanted.

Understanding the train system and arriving at the Station Sagrada Família was the most complicated part. The subway map was a bit confusing for us and it’s not that we don’t now how to use it, but in the end we learned:

To get from the Airport to the main Cathedral in the city you must take the train R2 Nord, change at the station El Clot-Aragó and take the L2 (purple) from the Metro. Go out at Sagrada Familia. The best ticket offer is the T10 and can be used from more than one person per ticket.

La Sagrada Família is a piece of unfinished art from Gaudí. He worked on this basilic his entire life and when he died the building was just ⅓ done. After that others architects took over the job, but many things forced whoever was working on that to stop it. Until today the job is not over and the Basilic remains under construction. You can see the different eras of architecture on its appearance.
After walking around the church, we decided to see another two Gaudí master pieces La Pedrera (the cover picture from this post) and Casa Batlló. To get there from La Sagrada Familia, you must walk in direction to Av. Diagonal until you get to Pg. de Gracia. This is a very large and very beautiful avenue. It is full of branded stores and also the avenue where you are going to see both houses from Gaudí. They are definitely easy to find duo to its architecture that pops up from the houses around.

Because we were with our heavy backpacks, we decided not to continue the long walk. We stopped around the metro station Pg. de Gracia and decided to find some place to enjoy a nice dinner.

Traditional dinner with a very good price

We are always conditioned to find the best prices while we travel (and also on our daily life). To Simon, negotiating and having the best for less is almost a lifestyle. So, we have this bad (or not!) habit of walking long distances until we find a place we approved the prices and it looks. The problem in this system is that by the time we find something we are already starving and with a very bad mood. This is the moment where we go inside any cheap place and we have to experience a very bad food. So this time we agreed that we wouldn’t walk too much and we would limit our choices to those 3 blocks around us.

We found Lolla, a good looking place, with the traditional dishes and with pretty fair prices. We ordered two Seafood Paellas and two Sangrias to drink. The drinks were pretty descent, but the Paellas were missing some Seafood and also some taste. It was not what we expected, but was also not bad. The service in the place is also not number one, but we felt that in Barcelona being nice to the other is not a standard, so let’s say that it was ok. We payed 35 euros for both of us and, because of our heavy backpacks, we decided to go straight back to the airport. By this time was around 21:30.


Our impression with the citizens is not the best. They are pretty unpolite and have a lack of respect with the next. Most of the people we crossed (including workers from train stations and international airport) didn’t speak english at all. In the other hand the city is very beautiful, with a stunning architecture, clean, large streets and deserves another visit with more time to appreciate it better. Simon actually already been to the city other two times, but was such a long time ago that memories take a while to come back. While his memories are not there, we come back here and you Join Me There! 😉

Our few hours in Barcelona was in 28.02.2017