Berlin ePrix 2018 – FIA Formula E

We were walking on the streets of Berlin, less than a month before the Berlin ePrix when we saw an ad for the event for the first time. The poster announced that the Formula E was going to happen at the Tempelhofer Felder, in Berlin, on May 19th, 2018, and that the tickets were available from only €5. We are Motorsports fans, the kind that doesn’t miss a Formula 1 on television if we have the chance to watch it. Besides, Simon likes to watch all kinds of car racing. That would be a great chance to participate in such an event for a very low price!

What is an ePrix?

In case you are not too much into the racing world, an ePrix is like a Formula 1 competition, but with electric cars. If you watch them on the television you are going to see very nice – and very similar to Formula 1 – cars, but MUCH less noise. As you can guess, it is a new way of racing and exists for only 4 years. So, if you want to get into the sports and have a nice experience like we did, go to their official page and see if they are racing near you.


To find the available tickets was super easy. As I googled “Formula E”, the first link was already to FIA’s official webpage and all the information I needed was already there. Very simple and very easy to find. Unfortunately, because it was only 9 days to the event, not all the tickets were available, which is highly understandable. So, we had to stick with the very basic ticket that gave us free access to the Allianz Village and the chance to watch the race standing.

The other tickets available were to some sitting area for €49,- and some Pit Walking Tour, which was only €20,-. Sad that I missed them!

Event’s Day

Well, because I am on a restrictive diet and we really don’t like to depend on the place’s food to have our meals, we like to prepare what we are going to eat for the day at home. So we did it. We took a look at the website and found no restrictions on bringing your own food and drink. But, unfortunately, the unavailable information made us being blocked from entering the venue with our all-day food and, because we didn’t want to throw it away, we had to eat it all in less than half an hour. Got to tell you: we were not hungry for the entire day!

Allianz Village

The race happened at the old deactivated airport of Tempelhof and the structure there was pretty amazing. Besides the racing tracks, there was also the Allianz Village, where the exhibitors showed their new products, gave away some merchandise and brought some interactive joy to the audience. It was very interesting and really made us go through the day without feeling it and getting home with a bag filled with souvenirs!

The Expositors


Actually, they were there to show some of their new technology on self-driving cars and even promoted a race of a robot car against the same car driven by a person. It was pretty entertaining! They were giving away some Ecobags filled with some souvenirs, but only for VIP guests. The normal audience could get home with a Keychain, a Cap and a Poster.


Besides showing that they are slowly applying the E-Technology on their delivery cars, they also had two interesting ways of entertainment: a DHL small truck equipped with a huge screen instead of the windshield, so you could make a race simulator while driving the real car and a puzzle wall where you could simply play alone or enter in a competition against a friend. Both of their games where prized: you could get a Cap, a Keychain or a Voucher for an Online Grocery Store and if you were among the Bests, you would have a chance to get Football matches tickets. Simon got to the Top 10 on both of the games!


To entertain their audience, they had a Racing Simulator and a VR experience game. Besides that, they were showing some of their new Electric Cars Models and giving away flags, caps, mugs and sunglasses. A very high-quality material, by the way!


They found a way to show off their new Electric Car together with a nice game where would guarantee you free coffee or cappuccino and a nice sustainable mug. All started by getting a bracelet with a token. You would use this token in the 5 terminals around their exhibition ground and answer between 2 and 3 questions about their new car. After finishing the tasks you would go back to their service desk to get the mug. The coffee you could find on a terrace over their stand.


Besides presenting their new models, they were also giving away some hats, which we didn’t see or get any. We just saw some people wearing them. Sad! One less souvenir. They also had a very cute small racing track for kids. It was lovely!

Mercedes Benz

They were very creative on the design of their stand. It looked like a very nice, chill and relaxing lounge. They had free WiFi, which gave you some voucher for free coffee, cappuccino, exotic sodas and even some chips. They also had a nice electrifying photobooth, made with a Kinect, that guaranteed you some small ice cream after making a shot. Ours ended up pretty great, don’t you think?!

Still, in their stand, there was a Glossy Box corner, with some of the boxes to give away. I guaranteed one at the beginning of the event, but they deny to give away the rest because they said: “they were already promised”. Yes, we understand that the girls working in the stand wanted to have one as well. Too bad for Glossy Box that might have lost some new clients.

Other Attractions

Besides those main names, there was also stands from ABB, with remote control racing cars; TAG Heuer with a football training circle; a Go Kart for adults and kids; eGaming Racing Competition – the 3 best players would race against 3 professional gamers; Nico Rosberg giving the first lap with the Racing Car Gen2; signing session with the pilots; live band going on podium; stores inside the Tempelhof building and diverse kinds of food trucks.

The Event

It all lasted for 12 hours, starting at 8:30 in the morning and going until a bit after 8 in the evening. The event was not too full, which was good because that means smaller lines and much less stress, but at the same time, it is such a cool event that deserved to be fuller. The day started with some Free Practice, some live band in the between, another Free Practice, then BMW VIP laps, Qualifying, more live music, Roborace and finally the race. After the race, the fun was in the Podium, champagne and paper shower and even the friendly Nico Rosberg signing our Audi Flags. All of that mixed with a lot of fun in the Exhibitors Stands.

The Race, the Favorites and The Winner.

The favourite team was Audi and their drivers were also the favourites: the German Daniel ABT and the Brazilian Lucas di Grassi. Of course, we agreed in all the ways because we are a combination of a German and a Brazilian couple. 😉 I must say that I was cheering more for the Brazilian driver, that was also the Champion of last season, but at the Super Pole Qualifying he made a small mistake and took the position 5 to start. ABT got the Pole and kept it until the end, becoming the – very well deserved – winner for the Berliner Edition of the ePrix. The watching area is in front of the Pit Stops and the Arrival Line, which makes all the experience even better!

Watching the race and following the entire event was certainly a lot of fun and pretty emotional. Simon already watched some Stock cars races as a kid, but for me, that was the first time in a Motorsport event. It was great in many aspects. Even standing for full 10 hours felt easy with such a great day. The weather contributed as well with nice temperatures between 18 and 25ºC and a very sunny-blue-sky.

We went back home very tired, but happy and with one certainty: we are coming back next year!
So, just stick with us and Join Me There!