Cambodia by Bus? Giant Ibis.

Write down the name of this company as the safest available. Not because we know, we actually didn’t try any other one. But from all we read, it was the best choice and we went for it. Indeed we had no regrets at all by choosing them.

If you are planning to travel by bus around Cambodia, the best thing you can do is to pick a trustable bus company to avoid scams, robbery, accidents and even sexual assaults.

The driving was not really safe, but I keep wondering what is a safe measurement while driving in Cambodia (click here to read more about it). Also, the company tells a little lie on their page, saying that their buses are equipped with GPS and the central gets a notification if the bus goes quicker than 60 km/h. We tracked with our phones and in many moments they go over 75 km/h and this doesn’t change in the entire travel. So, clearly, no GPS and no “company notification” is actually going on.

At least with Giant Ibis we weren’t scammed, robbed, no one tried anything against us (ok that I can be a woman, but I am luckily traveling with a 2,02 m tall man) and they offer snacks, water and Iced Coffee. Not mentioning Wi-Fi that works well as long as the 3G network works, so you can expect that for half of the way it can go down. They also have more than one driver in long travel buses and the team is pretty friendly with some level of English. Most important of all: they keep their promises and they don’t leave you in the middle of nowhere.

The Giant Ibis is the most expensive from the buses companies, it costs between 3 to 6 dollars more than the others, but worth the investment. If you google about buses in Cambodia and read about companies like Virak Buntham or Olympic Express Bus, you will want to be at the safest one.

Just to clarify, this is not a sponsored post, so it’s just truly our nice experience.

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We used Giant Ibis during our travel around Cambodia in April.2017.