Football Museum in São Paulo

There are few things that can define the Brazilians and one of them is the Football. Also known as soccer by the Americans, the Museum of Football in São Paulo is an amazing time travel through the Brazilian Football history, full of sensorial experience. If you are passionate with this amazing sport, you can’t miss the Football Museum in São Paulo.


“Estádio Municipal Paulo Carvalho de Machado” is popularly known as Pacaembú. This stadium is municipal and it’s used by teams that don’t have their own stadium or some small cups like the school and universities one. The stadium was already stage for many international concerts.

In Brazil most of the greats football teams have their own stadiums. In São Paulo almost all main teams had a stadium except for one, Corinthians, that got their own stadium only in 2014, when Brazil hosted the World Cup that made the German world champions for the forth time. Until then Corinthians had as almost an official stadium the Pacaembú.

Pacabembú that once was the stage for amazing classic games now seems pretty empty and been used just from time to time. Although you can still benefit from it enjoying the amazing museum and even visiting the stadium from the inside. The museum costs only R$ 10,00 (around US$ 3,00 – depending on the currency at the time of the visit) and the entrance for the stadium is for free. Just check on their page when it is possible to visit the stadium,  because in game or event days, they close the gates for visitors.

The Museum

Filled with sensorial experiences in this museum you see how the football changed from being an elite sports to the mass population passion. You also meet the Brazilian super stars, learn the facts about the football and even go through an espetacular timeline showing all the historical moments year by year mixing the facts about the football with the internationalization points of history.

The museum is mainly in Portuguese, but in some parts you can see few texts in English and Spanish. In some areas there are some brochures where you can also have a better explanation also in English and Spanish. Even if you don’t speak the local language, don’t worry, the museum will bring you some pretty cool experiences that worth it even if you don’t get too much what is being said. If you are a football fan, you know pretty well that football itself is an international language easy to be understood world wide.

Cool things you will experience there:

  • Kicker tables with different formations;
  • Penalty kicks where you can check the speed of the ball;
  • Being inside the teams crowd;
  • Listening to old radios transmissions;
  • Watching the most famous Brazilian goals;
  • Playing football in a projection in the ground with some sensors.

With all the cool things, the entrance for the museum gets pretty cheap!

Date of our visit to Football Museum: 14.03.2017