Ford Factory and Museum in Detroit

To visit the huge Ford Complex in Dearborn, a small city pretty near to Detroit, you need to book your tickets previously and already specify the dates you are going there. On Ford Museum website you find all tickets and combos. By the time of my visitation it was only available the visit the Museum and the Factory, because it was winter time. But, if you are planning to visit Detroit in a warmer time of the year, I am sure that you will have an amazing time at the Greenfiled Village.

All the visitations starts at the same place where you have access to the Museum. To visit places that are not in a walking distance, Ford offers a free transfer. Just be sure to access the website before your visit and check the time table of the entire complex and transfer buses.

By the side of the main building at the Ford Complex. This is where you take the shuttle bus to the Factory.

On my case, I booked my tickets to different days, because I though the visit to both would be pretty intense for only one day. But after my experience, I can tell you that if you are making a tour like me: just factory and museum, you definitely can make it in only one day. For the factory you will need a maximum of two hours and a maximum of five hours to the museum. I spent this long at the Museum and did the route twice.

I was unfortunate with the factory, because they were out of the production, due to the Holidays Season (I was there on 2nd and 3rd of January), but all the great parts happen  before you enter the factory. As soon as you arrive to the factory site, a guide will take you to some cinema areas. You watch two video presentations: one about Ford history (even the time that they were not that good, which I thought was pretty cool) and the other one about the main launching of the year.

This second one is a super amazing experience. The room has screens all around and you have the complete sound system to impress you. Then you have a small robot show and the car appear in a platform, rising up from the floor. It is super cool. I am a very enthusiastic person, but I was not the only one who left the room amazed. Besides the videos and some short show room, you can walk around a small piece of the factory, but just a very small one.

The small show room at the factory.

Contrary to the factory, which I was expecting a bit more, the Museum surprised me. The exhibition is very well positioned, you go through cars, trains and airplanes. In the end of the museum you can learn a bit about the Lincoln era and also walk through the time change during the industrial revolution until nowadays. It is a show of motor and the growth of technology. It was a really cool day for me. If you like cars, it is the place to be!

One of the several cars at the museum.

Enjoy the time at the Ford Museum and use some time before or after to check a bit Detroit. But don’t be surprised if you just find a Ghost Town, like I tell in this post.

Date of our visit to Ford Museum in Detroit: 02 – 03.01.2016