How to get ready for a Festival

If you have never been to one, we are now going to give you some tips on how to get ready for a festival. With the summer around the corner and thousands of festivals just about to start, it is that time of the year that many people start to plan their next days off and many others get anxious for their first time in a big festival. Well, you are going to be away from home and – probably – camping for few days, so here are some tips on how to get ready and don’t forget anything important.

1 – Put information together

It is extra important to get some information about the festival you are attending and what kind of services they offer. For example, at Hellfest, you can camp for free, but you can’t have any barbecue at the campsite. Also, there are few supermarkets just by the corner and you don’t have to worry too much about the food. Although, at the Tomorrowland, you have a specific place to have your barbecue done. They have a huge grill and someone working there to Grill your meet for you. The service is for free. So, two festivals, but different things. That’s why it is mega important to get some information before going.

2 – Get ready for all kind of weather changes

It is summer and the weather forecast promises you shine and warm days, blue sky and extra doses of sun. Sounds amazing! But what if during the night get a bit chilly? If you are sleeping in a tent for the first time, I must warn you of something: under the sun gets hot as hell inside of it. In the cold, gets full of moisture and colder than outside. So, it might – and probably will – happen that at night gets colder inside and in the morning you can’t stand staying inside. So, the best tip to sleep inside a tent is to take some warm clothes that are easy to rip out in the morning. Of curse, get a sleeping bag. It is smaller and easier to carry than an entire bed set and it will keep you warm during the night. Also, it has a zipper all around, which is easy to get rid of it as soon as your tent is transformed into a sauna. If you want to sleep late and keep your privacy inside the tent, you can also have a portable ventilator inside the tent to refresh you a little bit.

Another thing to consider is that you might face also some summer showers, so make sure you take a raincoat to the festival. There are even some festivals, like Wacken for example, that it is very well known for the heavy rains by the festival time and a pair of rubber boats can work amazingly as well. At last, but not least: NEVER FORGET THE SUNBLOCKER. Never.

3 – Pack light

You already have to take your tent, your sleeping bag, your bag and your food and drinks. Most of the campsites are far away from the streets and you will have to carry it all with you. Festivals are always in the countryside, so definitely no wheel-friendly. Usually, you will have to carry it all, for few kilometres, under the heavy sun and in the middle of the crowd. Got why you should pack light? You can differ a Festival-Veteran to a Newbie just by looking all the things they carry. So, for you do not suffer too much, here is a quick list:

  • Backpack – don’t use any bag with wheels, because it will be 100 times more difficult to carry around;
  • SUNBLOCKER. Use it all the time;
  • Take clothes for the amounts of days. Already make your look. If the festival is 3 days longer, but you are camping 1 day before and 1 after: arrive with the clothes of Camp-Day-1. In your bag, you should have the right amount of clothes for Festival-Days and one last set of clothes to leave. To save even more space, you don’t need, for example, change your pants or shorts every day;
  • Don’t forget a warm set to sleep. By the way, this could be as well your warm set in case the weather changes. So, you save space in your bag;
  • A towel – in case you plan to have a shower;
  • Travel set of shampoo – conditioner – soap. You won’t need more than this size;
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste;
  • Hairbrush if needed;
  • Wet Wipes and Toilet Paper – sometimes you won’t feel like showering twice during the day and the wet wipes can help you a lot;
  • A tent and a sleeping bag;
  • A canvas to put under your tent to avoid too much moisture to go inside;
  • An inflatable mattress in case you don’t want to sleep on the hard floor – and something to fill it up;
  • A comfortable pair of shoes and – if you think it is needed – a pair of rubber boots;
  • Flipflops, you won’t want to shower barefoot;
  • If there is a supermarket nearby, don’t bring any food or drinks. Set up first and then go to the supermarket. It is better to make two travels than carry it all at once;
  • Powerbanks, the lines to recharge your phone in the festival site might be too long;
  • A bottle so you can refill it with water – don’t forget to keep yourself well hydrated;
  • If you want, a portable ventilator.

Usually, the people in the campsite is very friendly, so in case you need something, they definitely can help you with it. Always try to remember how hard can be to carry everything to the campsite, under a 30ºC sun and I am sure you are going to pack smart.

4 – Make a checklist

Believe me, it is easier than you think to forget things like your ticket, for example. So don’t be afraid of making a checklist. Include on it things like festival tickets, flight, buses or train tickets as well and even your snack for the travel. Also, make a checklist of what you are bringing with you and be sure to reserve all the reservable things in advance. Remember: thousands of people are going to attend the same festival as you, so if you want to reserve anything like a locker or a premium tent, be sure to do it very earlier or you might end up without it.

5 – Check the payment options at the festival

Sometimes the festivals make the payment options in a way that you don’t need to bring any money with you. They create some festival currency and card, so you need to recharge it before arriving at the festival or even get to the line as soon as you get there to get your tokens. So, to not end up with the wrong kind of payment, be sure to read about it. Also, don’t overcharge your festival cards, you might end up spending much less than you think. I am sure there will be options to recharge it at the festival if needed, so don’t spend all your saves on that. By the way, try to always have some cash with you on those hidden pockets. You never know when you need it.

6 – Drink water

I know I said it earlier, but there are things that it is worthy to repeat: always drink water. Read what are the festival rules about bottles and be sure you are carrying something that is allowed everywhere in the festival and you can easily refill it. Remember that you are going to stand under the sun for hours. Maybe drinking beer – which helps to dehydrate – or not eating properly for long hours. So, prevent yourself from collapsing and never forget to drink water. It is ok to have your beer but make sure you are also having some water. It will make your experience much better, you will see!

7 – Enjoy it and simply have fun

Attending to a festival it is having the time of your life. Even if you go there every year, each time is a new and cooler experience, so just enjoy. It is a moment that you can leave all the worries behind, enjoy the music, enjoy the company of people that like the same music as you and be free. So, take some precautions before, so at the festival, you can just relax and enjoy. If we can recommend something else is for you to arrive on the day before, so you can deal with the boring stuff before and leave the festival days just for the fun.