Hellfest 2015: A Huge Improvement from 2014

Hellfest 2015 happened from 19 to 21 of June and it was an unforgettable edition. The jump that the festival gave from the previous edition to this one was huge and we just have reasons to celebrate so much improvement. A better festival is good for Hellfest and even better for us, the metal heads that just want to enjoy 3 amazing days watching that superb Line Up that only Hellfest has to offer us. We wanted more, we got more! Continue the reading to know what was better!

The 10th Anniversary

The festival was blowing very important candles this year: their 10th edition. To celebrate this moment and also to celebrate the fact that they won the prize of Best Heavy Metal Festival in France, they prepared a great surprise to the fans, a stunning firework show synchronized with the best hits of Rock ‘n Roll. It was around 20 minutes of a beautiful light show that happened after the main band presentation on the second day of the festival. It all started with a nice tribute to all the fans that made this festival become the biggest in France and ended up with an spectacular firework shooting. It was unforgettable and impressive.



The first great improvement was the organization. From the first moment that we arrived in the area we already could feel it that the contributors of Hellfest were much better informed. There’s nothing better than arriving in a place a bit lost, ask an information and get the proper answer to it. This edition this was what we got since the first moment: the proper orientation about everything we had doubts.


Chatting with some crew members and telling them how amazing the sound system was this edition in comparison with the previous one, they told us a little secret: the stages had a little adjustment on the angles so the sound could reach a bit deeper in the area. I don’t know if this was the only improvement, but I must say that whatever they did there, worked! It doesn’t matter your position in the show area (of course, in front of the Main Stages), you could hear the bands pretty well. This was definitely a plus for this anniversary edition!

Dust Solution

Last year we suffered a lot with the dry weather. This caused the dust to go up a lot. It was so dusty that during a mosh all you could see was the dust in the air. This year they solved the dust problems throwing straws on the ground. This increased the air quality 100%. To this edition we got ready to use some mouth and nose protection against the dust, but in the end, we didn’t even had to take them off our bags. It was a really cool move. Thanks Hellfest!


While on last edition the line for the shower was slow and long, this year they improved putting some “Brazilian Shower” where people could shower wearing their bath suits. Those shower had only could water, so to start the day like this was for the braves – not me that like a very hot and burning shower. This improvement was amazing because made the lines go quicker. Approved! But, still just one shower spot for the entire festival.

The Audience

Last edition I couldn’t see so many passionate people like this year. I guess that winning this prize brought up a pride to the Hellfest fans and they were much more passionate for the festival. We saw many new tattoos with the festival name, much more people wearing a Hellfest shirt and a lot of excited people. We could feel this in the air. It was beautiful. Congratulations headbangers!

World of Warcraft

Before talking about the amazing Line Up, let’s talk about the best supporter of this year: BLIZZARD. This amazing name brought a full stand to the festival, with computers and tablets where you could play World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Heroes of Storm. Also you could test your power hitting the hammer on the outside area and even watch the show from the WoW official band, the Elite Tauren Chieftain. They were there promoting the Iron Horde and you could feel inside a tavern in Orgrimmar. It was inspiring!

The Shows and Line UP

Well, that Hellfest has one of the best Line Up among the European Festival is no secret. This year couldn’t be different. Contrary to last edition, where some bands where repositioned or canceled in last minute, all the shows happened right on time and no cancelations. Adding this with the amazing sound, it was really an amazing edition. Who went to Hellfest this year banged the head with Slipknot, Scorpions, Marilyn Manson, Faith No More, Slash, Motörhead, Alice Cooper, Korn, Nightwish, Limpbizkit, Five Fingers Death Punch, Children of Bodom, Billy Idol, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle of Filth, Venom and another more than 100 bands. The bad news about the sound is that some technical problem happened and in some parts of the Main Stages concerts, the sound simply went away. Although this was solved quickly the times that happened, was a little bit annoying.


This year they took the tokens away – which is a great improvement not having to carry it anymore – and installed the Cashless, a pre-paid card for you to buy your beers. The Cashless was a substitute only for the tokens, so it worked only to buy drinks. The Cashless you can recharge online, so it is pretty easy and simple. Just don’t add more money than you will use, because you can’t take it back later.

There is also a very good new for the skate lovers! From this edition on, you can bring your skate to the festival, because they have the perfect place for you: a Half Pipe. You can enjoy the place for free, just need to wait in the line and enjoy!


The Lockers are still present on the festival, so it is a great place to keep your valuable things safe. Also the beer kept the same price as the last year being 2,50 for a beer glass and 23 for the 1,5 liters jar. The food area is bigger and you can find food points in more places, which is pretty amazing!

The audience this year was again of 150.000 with 80.000 visitors per day. The tickets were completely sold out and looks like that the next edition will be sold our again. So, if you loved to know how better Hellfest is and you want to guarantee the next year ticket, go now to their page to guarantee your ticket! 😉