Hellfest 2016 was a Hell of a Fest

Every year since 2006, a small town in west France transforms to welcome thousands of Heavy Metal fans that are there to attend the biggest festival of the genre in France: the Hellfest. Join Me There has been attending the Festival since it’s 9th edition, in 2014, but previously we were known as Metal on the Road, a project that was focused only to the Brazilian and portuguese speaking audience and also only in the Heavy Metal World. Now, like Hellfest, we got bigger, wider and we want to take you everywhere. Even to Hell! 😉

About the festival

The French festival Hellfest sits in Clisson, a small city just 35 km away from Nantes and around 400 km away from Paris. During the 3 days of festival it has attracted more than 152.000 people to the city in the year of 2016. The number per day is around 80.000 people and it’s being increasing since its first edition.

For the 2016 edition, the festival decided to improve and grow a bit more. One of the stages got a complete new area called The Warzone. It’s in this new area that they installed a high and huge statue to honor one of the greatest Heavy Metal idols, Lemmy Kilmster. The leader from Motörhead left us metal-orphans on the 28th December 2015.

Besides the new Warzone, Hellfest has also 2 main stages and 3 smaller stages: the temple, the altar and the valley. So, in total you can bang your head in 6 different stages. The main problem of the festival is that the line up is too good to be true. From the last years it’s been considered the best line up among the Europeans Heavy Metal Festivals and sometimes you feel like dividing yourself in two so you can attend to all the amazing shows.

Here is a map of the festival in 2016

What was going on this year?

In 2016 the festival happened in 17, 18 and 19 of June and the metalheads were pretty luck about the weather: the rain decided to give us a break and the temperatures were also not so high, which make pretty comfortable to watch as many show as we wanted without the punishment from the weather. Talking about the concerts, to not lose the tradition, the line up was incredible as always, with great names as: Black Sabbath, Slayer, Megadeth, Rammstein, Within Temptation, Twisted Sisters, Bullets for my Valentine, Volbeat, Anthrax, Foreigner, Sixx AM, Joe Satriane, The Offspring, Korn, Ghost, King Dimond, Testament, Paradise Lost, Bad Religion and another 100 bands that made the festival one of the greatest for 2016.

The great surprise happened on the second day of the festival. After the main show, Twisted Sister, all the guests were invited to stay a bit longer and watch an emotional tribute to Lemmy Kilmster followed by a stunning fireworks show. It was a very special night.

We are anxious for the next edition and already heard the rumors that the festival will give the metalheads some new surprises. If I were you I wouldn’t miss as well. To know more, just stay connected with us and Join Me There!