Hellfest 2019: Line-Up and News

After a whole season of mystery in their Social Media, by the end of November Hellfest finally released their Line-Up for 2019! If you haven’t check it out yet, it is better to sit for the news. I can advance one thing: it is gonna make you wish the June is already tomorrow. This year the 14th edition of the Best French Festival from 2018 will happen between 21 and 23 of June. Are you ready to Join Me There?

The Dream Line-Up

When I started reading their post, I already got excited by reading 3 names: KISS, LYNYRD SKYNYRD and WHITESNAKE. The first and the last one were two of the greatest shows I have ever seen. Lynyrd Skynyrd will be my first time and I am so excited about it. MANOWAR is also a name in the top of their list, but to be honest the only show I have been from the band was a bit disappointing. But, I am a big fan and I have some faith that it will be better!

Scrolling down the list it was a small screen for each of those names: SLASH, ZZ TOP, THE SISTERS OF MERCY (it is going to be a revival of my teen times!), SLAYER, DEF LEPPARD, DREAM THEATER (they will have enough time for 3 songs, I am sure!), KING DIAMOND, WITHIN TEMPTATION, ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, LAMB OF GOD, SONATA ARCTICA (please, play “Shy”, please!) and Richie Kotzen (my eternal second favorite Mr. Big). Of course that the list is much longer than that. So, for your personal small heart attacks, here comes the poster:

Oh Hellfest, I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful Line-Up. Merci!

I must confess, every year I tell myself that the trip is way too tiring so this was my last edition. But every time a new Line-Up comes to life, it is impossible to not attend the festival. I drive from Berlin to France with a huge smile on my face!

The Next Edition Theme

Last year Hellfest was all about the ghosts. This year they prepared something like they never did. It is a full experience that got me even more curious about the festival itself. They have a completely renewed website (by the way, good job Hellfest! The new page is amazing!), they made great suspense in Instagram and launched an amazingly creepy video on the website. Go there and check it by yourself.

Hellfest Experience

Also, enjoy the time to browse around the new website. There you are going to find all the information possible about the festival. Including how to arrive, where to stay and more! In case it is hard to find, here is a link straight to their Info page in English.

Warm Up to Hell!

Do you want to get ready for Hellfest? Again, on their website, there is a list of all the events before the great party starts! I’m telling you, this new page is really good and complete! But if you are too lazy to go there to sneak peek, here comes the official poster for you:

Of course that the event is full of nice surprises and even some give away of tickets to the festival, so if you are not a lucky person to have a ticket to Hellfest, you might get lucky in one of those events. You need to go and see! 😉

The Final Countdown

Do you also get anxious when you see a Line-Up like this? I do! I can’t wait for June to arrive. You can just Join Me There!