Holi Festival of Colours

The first edition of the Holi Festival of Colours was in Berlin 2012. Since then it has grown so much that you will find an edition of this festival very near to you. What not many people know is that this festival was inspired by an Indian party that is full of colours and happiness. Keep reading to know much more about this event that will colour up your life.


Colour shop in India, for the Holi Festival. (Image Wikipedia)

For centuries India and Nepal have a very special way to send the winter away and welcome the spring. They make a big party Hindu party full of colours and love to celebrate the victory of the good over the evil. This great festival is known by the name of Holi (and had already some variations through the time) and is also popularly known as Festival of Colours or Festival of Love. The event happens at the end of February and the middle of March and it is a time to celebrate the harvest that is about to come and to love, to forgive and to reunite. It is a very good time of the year to warm up the hearts and souls, while the sun warms up the earth and nature.

A Tradition brought to the World

In 2012, three German friends meet up in Berlin to create what would become one of the widest colour festivals in the world. They decided to bring all the aspects of the Hindu party to Germany and it worked so well that nowadays the entire world shower with colour and love. Jasper Hellmann, Max Riedel and Maxim Derenko are the names behind this famous festival and they are still searching to grow more and more. If you think you can help them grow also in your country, contact them through this link.

From 12:00 to 22:00

It doesn’t matter where do you want to attend, the Festival of Colours will always start at 12:00 and go until 22:00. For safety reasons and to avoid a bunch of people with some allergic reaction, it is forbidden to take your own colours. You can buy them together with your ticket or at the festival. If you don’t want or can’t spend additional money with the colours, don’t worry, the festival will throw some colours all around making the party even better. Just remember that you are there to get dirty and colourful, so leave your expensive clothes at home, focus on white or lighter colours and just enjoy the day. The colours come in the shape of dust and they will leave your hair and clothes easily when the party is over. Nothing to worry about! =)

30 countries for you to go

Have you ever thought about making a Holi Festival World Tour? Well, it is possible! The festival doesn’t happen at the same day and you can try to participate of all of them. Click here to see the map where the party happens and start planning your colourful adventure! Or if you just want to see where is the closest festival to you, click that link as well and guarantee your tickets!

Colour, Happiness, Summer and Love

So, now that you understand the spirit of this beautiful and meaningful event, give your like to their Facebook fan page (linked to the German one) and know first when will be the next party near you. Celebrate the life, celebrate the love and colour your soul with the Holi Festival of Colours.