Hotel on a budget in New York

Are you travelling to New York soon but still looking for a hotel on a budget in New York? So you might love to read a bit more about my experience at the Vue Hotel in the Queens. This is not a promotional post and I am really recommending it because I had a great experience. Keep reading to know all about it!

Is New York possible to be on a budget?

We all know that New York is among those very expensive cities to visit, but it is also one of the must go places in the world. Finding a very nice deal on the flight tickets is not so hard, but getting a hotel that will also be on a budget, well, that is a challenge indeed. If you are like us and like to travel cheap, so you already realized that staying in Manhattan demands a bit of investment. So, our solution was to find a hotel outside Manhattan, but that was at the same time super near and we got it!

Stay in the Queens

If you are searching a hotel, you will see that those hotels in the Queens are much cheaper than the ones in Manhattan or Brooklyn. But not everywhere in the Queens is a good deal. If you check on the map, you will see that Queens is a huge area and even the JFK airport is there. So be careful while picking the Hotel location. Also, many budget hotels in the area have really bad reviews, so trust those that have a good rating. Our choice was The Vue Hotel, an Ascend Collection Member and I am going to tag its location on the map below. If you want to reserve with them, enjoy my link to This is not a paid post, but you can help me to keep this page using my link! 😉

So, as you can see in the map above, this Hotel is really at the borders of Queens. It takes only two train stations for you to be in Manhattan. The location of this hotel is so good that they have two train stations right by the corner and together they take you anywhere very quickly. It was a fantastic experience! Not staying in Manhattan, but getting there in the blink of an eye! Could not be better!


Like any other hotel, the prices might change A LOT depending on when you are looking at it, the proximity to your staying and so on. We looked for it around 4 months prior to our travel and we made an amazing deal! For this hotel, we paid LESS than in a hostel in Manhattan, with breakfast included and a private bathroom. It was really a great deal. Not mentioning that the bedrooms are extremely comfortable, clean, the view is amazing from the 7th floor up and the breakfast is good (but we talk more about it later).

Hotel Full Description


As mentioned above, the location is amazing. Few stations and you are already in the heart of Manhattan. It takes less than 15 minutes, believe me. Also, there are two trains stations by the corner to make the way even quicker and simpler.

Reception and Facilities

The hotel is a 10 floors building, with a small reception, but really nice rooms. There’s only one elevator, but they served well enough and we didn’t have to wait too long for it none of the 5 days we’ve been there. The breakfast room is a bit small, but we didn’t see it getting so full that some costumer would not have where to sit. So, it was enough.

The Room

The rooms are very comfortable, new furniture and clean. The bed was so comfortable that I doubt I moved during the night at all. It was really a perfect rest after all day long walking around. I almost asked them the brand of it so I can have one at home. The window opens completely and the curtain holds well the light. The view is pretty cool from the 7th floor on, which was our first room as soon as we arrived, but unfortunately our blackout was not rolling down (it is electric) and they changed us immediately to the same room number on the 6th floor and we could see that on this level the view is blocked by the building in front of us. But it was as comfortable as the other room and very clean!

Oh! There’s also energy and USB plug both sides of the bed! This is a HUGE extra!

The Breakfast

We can say that the breakfast food is good enough to hold your hunger for long, but there were some negative parts. The first very negative thing is that the plates, cutlery and glasses are plastic and foam, so it is really not environmental friendly. The amount of trash produced is really sad. Also, we missed some fresh juices, fresh fruits and some ham and cheese. The chocolate powder that they offer cannot be taken with cold milk, because it doesn’t dissolve so well. So if you are not a coffee person, you will have to have it Hot Chocolate or very artificial juices. Water is also available.

One VERY negative point about the breakfast: they don’t replace the food. So, what is gone, it is gone. Our recommendation is for you to have breakfast very early in the morning or you might not enjoy it all. So, here is everything they offer you there:

Small cereals boxes, cold fat and 2% milk, 3 different artificial juices, coffee, chocolate powder to mix it with hot water, hot water, tea, 3 types of toast bread (plain white, full grain and a sweet option), donuts and sweet breads (those go pretty quickly, so if you go there too late, you won’t see the color of it), yogurt, butter, cooked eggs, intercalating days of eggs filled with cheddar cheese and bacon and scrambled eggs and saussages and, the coolest thing, a waffle machine that you can do as many as you want and have it with mapple syrup or jelly.

The Staff

The receptionist were all very friendly and extremely helpful. Because we missed the view from our window on the 6th floor, one of the receptionists took us to the rooftop one night so we could make some amazing pictures. My only complaint goes to a Kitchen woman that NEVER STOP EATING! That got me so mad because they don’t replace the food and this woman was taking 5 donuts at once to eat! So, the employee was having all the guests food and the guests that got a bit later had none. I even made a formal complaint to the reception but didn’t look like they cared too much. The guy who took my complaint didn’t even ask me which employee was the one. So, if you stay in this hotel and you see this woman eating all the customer’s donuts, just make your complaint as well.

Nothing is 100% perfect

Before we arrived in New York we had a flight cancellation due to weather conditions (snow storm). You can read it all about here. Our booking at the Vue Hotel was a non-refundable one, so as soon as we had the issue with the flight delay (it would be one day after and to come back one day later), I called the hotel to try to negotiate to change the first day to the last one without costs or at least to make an extra night for the same price I paid the other days. The hotel was completely inflexible and not too much customer friendly in this situation: not only they charged me for the night I could not go (ok, this one I kinda understand, but I am sure they could have been a bit more friendly here and understand that the airport in New York was closed, so it was way out of my control), they also didn’t want to offer me the same fare I paid for the other nights and this extra night, scheduled like that, at the last minute, was going to cost me the price of 3 nights I paid there. So, they made my experience very difficult for an extra day in New York. I had to find a cheap (and very bad!) hostel and cross the city with all my luggage on the last day. So, a negative point for them.


Because of the comfort, the location and the breakfast included in the fare, I would definitely go back! I would NEVER EVER AGAIN book it on the Non-Refundable fare because I already know how not customer-worried they are. I would go back there and that’s why I also recommend this hotel to you! It was a great finding at!