How to pack an efficient bag

Most of people that make big travels once or twice per year suffer from the same problem: the baggage exceed the weight or needs to pay extra on low cost flights. This happens specially with people that don’t travel so often, because they have the insecurity of what they may need during the travel and they end up packing it all.

People that are used to travel more often have a better sense of reality and they already know for sure what they need, what would be an extra weight or how to act in case they miss something. So, the best way to learn how to pack an efficient bag is to take some tips with people that have to pack few bags per year. But to have success in this task, you really need to believe in this post.  You can trust someone that already made a 15 days Greece Summer-Holiday travel carrying only one single hand luggage and carrying even working equipments like camera and notebook.

Are you sure that you need this and that?

May look like a stupid and obvious question, but you have to ask yourself: are you sure that you need that? To answer this question, keep your head in your daily routine and think if you used/needed that item at least once on the last two weeks. If you did, was that  necessary or was it just a luxury, an extra? The fact is that most of time we put unnecessary items in our luggage and the best way to understand the importance of an item is to identify if it is also important in our daily routine. If the answer is no, keep it away of your luggage and don’t worry: you are not gonna need that.

Know what to wear every day

To accomplish this phase sou first need to understand what is sour travel about. Is it for business? For sightseeing? For partying? For luxury events? You got to always keep in mind what kind of travel you are doing so you can previously set up all your cloths and combination before packing. This way you are going to put in your bag only the clothes and shoes that you are really gonna wear. Believe me, you won’t need that extra shirt or pair of boots. Everything else you take will be overweight and this is never good for the flight company fares and to carry around even if it’s only the way from the airport to the hotel. You never know how many staircase you’ll have to face carrying your bag. Think of that.

Also, consider the possibility of washing your clothes. Specially in long travels this is a very important factor, because it can reduce your bag volume extraordinarily. Most big cities have a “do yourself laundry” or you can also check if the hotel you are staying offer you this extra. Washing your clothes can cost, but will be much less than paying for extra weight at the flight check in. Also, don’t worry, no one will notice that you repeated that shirt two or three times.

Review your accessories and hygiene items

Forget about the big bottles of shampoo and soaps and get a Travel-kit instead. Remember, no bottles over 100ml are allowed inside your hand luggage. So if you want to travel light there is no other way. Even if you travel for an entire month, you might not use the whole big bottle. If you do, don’t worry! You can get soap everywhere around the world. One thing that unexperienced travellers need to learn is that there is always the chance to buy a missing object in your destination. Sometimes they even cost less than in your city. Another alternative is also to collect those samples that hotels sometimes give and carry some of them with you.

One very important thing you should not forget is to add a first aid kit that fits the purpose of your travel to your luggage. Be sure to include in this kit some headache and stomachache medicine, some magnesium to help on the over drinking nights and even some condoms. If you are going to tropical countries, don’t forget the insect repellent. Prefer those with DEET, they can protect you against most of the mosquitoes that transmit diseases.

The last, but not the least tip: NEVER FORGET THE SUN BLOCKER.