How To Plan a Travel – Before Buying a Ticket

Somedays we wake up with that crazy feeling of making a huge international travel. Usually, on those days, we spent hours browsing destinations and flight tickets, waiting for the perfect promo to show up. We understand you, because we all  have been there, but before clicking the “Pay Now” button, how about some tips so your travel can’t go wrong and there are no chances you are missing the flight – unless you get late, which can be pretty awful.

Check you Passport Expiration Date

This step is extremely important and the less done one. Most people that book a flight don’t have a clue on when their passports will expire – or even if it is still valid. Some flight companies have as a standard while booking, to ask your passport informations and deny it in case your passport is not longer than 6 months valid after the end of your travel. But many other places don’t care too much, they just want to sell, so this will lead you to take your passport just before going to the airport and maybe you just open it while making the check in. If it’s not valid anymore, will be too late to change it.

The fact is that no country in this huge world will let you get inside with a non-valid passport or with a document that expires during or right after your travel. Most of countries ask for a passport valid longer than 6 months after the end of your travel and some can ask for only 3. In any situation, before booking your travel, make sure your passport is valid until there. If not, assure that you are booking your flight with enough time for you to make a new one. The minimum time is usually one month until you get a new passport, but there are some countries that can take even longer. So, don’t book a flight for the next month if your passport is about to expire.


Another topic that people tend to forget while booking a flight: if they need a visa to enter that country. This information is definitely not hard to find and you can make your research while looking for the flight ticket. If you don’t need a visa or the kind of visa you need is those you get on the arrival, perfect! Just click the “Pay Now” button and have a safe travel. If you need a visa, be sure your travel day is far enough for you to get one. There are some embassies that can give you an online visa, super simple and in 72 hours you have your visa printed at home. But in many others you’ll need to arrange a date with the consulate, give your documents to them and wait few days until they return it all. Also, visas usually have a cost, so check if you are going to have any costs and add them to your travel budget.

If you need a visa that is hard to get and your passport is out of date, buy your flight ticket for to, at least, 4 months from the date. This will guarantee you enough time to organize all the documents and visas.


Do you know how a disease can travel through the oceans and cause a global epidemy? One way is through people travelling around. With the flights every time more and more accessible to any people in the world, the control of diseases must be very intense. If a country already had eradicated some heavy disease, they will make sure you are not bringing this virus back to their country. So before travelling, check if the country demand some vacines. Also, for your own safety, check what are the recommended vacines to your destination so you won’t get sick while travelling. If there’s something that can screw your holidays is to get sick and spend one or more weeks in the hospital. Let’s say that this is not the coolest landmark in the country.

Just remember that you can’t go to the doctor and ask for 10 different vacines on the same day. Vacines need to be planned and can take around 2 months until you finished taking all of them. So, plan your travel before booking the flight ticket and keep yourself always safe.

Our small friendly advice

The world is there to be discovered by you and you should travel every time more and more, but unfortunately to go through those barriers you need to follow some rules. To plan a safe travel try to book your flight with a minimum of 3 months in advance, because if there’s any bureaucracy that you have to face, you will have enough time for that. Just keep calm and travel more.