How to tourist under rain

There’s nothing worst than going out on holidays and right on the first day it starts raining. Usually the first day of the trip is a very special one. It is that day where you are gonna get the first impression of the city, walk around and maybe even planning on what to do during the next days. But if it rains, then looks like that everything is ruined and the rest of the trip is going to be just a big nightmare.

Ok, time to relax, check the weather forecast and try to change your agenda a little bit. But don’t freak out if you see that the rain is going to follow you during your entire travel. The best solution for your problem will be so to buy a rain cape, pick one that covers your entire body and happy sightseeing. Besides that, you can also follow those tips:

Hop On Hop Off Buses

Most of the touristic cities has the Hop On Hop Off Buses. If you are a very disconnected person, those that don’t pay too much attention on what is going on around you and have no clue what is those buses we are talking about, here is a small explanation:

Mainly known as HoHo, those buses methods are pretty efficient for people that don’t have much time to visit a city and wants to get a very good impression at once. Those buses drive through the main – if not all – sightseeings from the city and they even have a voice guide in few different languages, so you can even add some knowledge to your travel. But the biggest advantage of those buses is that you can go out in every touristic point and back in to the bus. The tickets usually are valid for one or more days and they can simplify your travel. If it is raining, than is the best option ever. But before buying the first ticket you see in your way, make a small search on how many HoHos are in the city you are visiting and which one fits better your needs. Don’t buy before comparing.

Tour Inside

If you checked the weather forecast and you see that for 2 days of your 4 days trip is going to rain, reinvent a bit your plans. Pick all the museums, palaces, shopping malls, libraries or buildings that you want to see and change them to that day. Just don’t forget to check on the page of those places if they are working on those days. I know it sounds a pretty obvious tip, but is better to be obvious than don’t giving a tip at all! 😉

A very good idea for those trips that you have plenty of places to visit inside and the weather is not so nice to stay too long outside, is to buy those city passes or city visitors cards that gives you a lot of discounts on museums and touristic places or even include some free visiting in the fee. While visiting Chicago that was a great deal!

Go Shopping

Probably you had some idea of going shopping some time. If the rain is too heavy, can be a good idea to do the shopping that day. I know that on many cities the idea of “go shopping” means walking in some street like the famous Champs Elisee in Paris or ‘Kudamm’ in Berlin, but I am sure that you can find other shopping options like a very famous shopping mall or that huge Disney Store that you are dying to visit.

The best tip we can give you is to always check the weather to your destination in advance so you can pack a very efficient bag (click to see some tips on how to pack one!) including some waterproof items like shoes and jackets. Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post, don’t skip the rain cape and just go enjoy your holidays like if it was sunny outside!