Line-Up Hellfest 2018

The Line-up Hellfest 2018 is available! February just started and Hellfest has all the tickets sold out for this year’s edition. We are actually not surprised. The festival is reaching their 13th edition and already shows what it has come for: to be one of the biggest European Heavy Metal festivals, competing at the same level with older names like the German Wacken and the Sweden Rock Festival. Want another very good reason? The line-up Hellfest 2018 is impressive. Check it out.

The Main Attractions

If you like to go to festivals because of the big fishes, Hellfest is really your place to be this year. The three big names that are going to rock the nights are Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Only those 3 names already pay off the festival. But they wanted more and more, so they added Marilyn Manson, Megadeth Nightwish, Accept, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Therion, Exodus, Dimmu Borgir, Bad Religion and Europe to the list. Now it looks like you won’t have enough time to see everything, right?! We know.

More bands!

More than 150 bands will fill up the stages during the three days of the festival: 22, 23 and 24 of June. If you are more a side B metalhead and you like to support the underdogs as well, so get ready to run around the 6 stages, because it is going to be huge! Besides the big boys mentioned above, you can also give your shouts to Limp Bizkit, Hollywood Vampire, Deftones, Stone Sour, Joan Jet, Bullets For My Valentine, Rise Against, The Hellacopters, Neurosis, Turbo Negro, Hatebreed, Satyricon and much more.

How is the festival again?

We have been attending the Hellfest since 2014, so you can see our reviews by clicking on the years: 2015, 2016, 2017. The festival has changed so much from our first time to the last edition, that we are very curious to know what they are preparing for us this year.

It always goes from Friday to Sunday in the sunny June. The chosen city is Clisson, a small but very well equipped community near to Nantes, in France. The area around the festival has 2 supermarkets: the big Le Clerc (our little secret french passion, by the way) and the low-cost Lidl which is pretty much always empty, so if you don’t look for big brands can be a nice escape from Le Clerc long lines. Also in the area, there is a gas station, a bakery, a Mc Donalds and several food trucks and tents that the locals build up just for the festival. So, if you forgot anything, nothing to worry about. All those places are very easy to walk from the Festival Area and the Camping Site.

Camping Site

Talking about the Camping site, it is huge and for free. It opens one day before and closes one day after. So if you want to guarantee a nice spot, you should consider arriving on Thursday. The campsite is also equipped with the Metal Corner, the place you will find food, lockers, the shower area and even a kind of nightclub. This year will be World Cup together with the festival, so we believe (and hope!) that this area will also be equipped with a nice screen to watch the games. At least in 2016, they had one during the Eurocup.

To have access to the shower area you need to pay a fee of 6 euros so you can shower all the days. The lockers are also paid apart and you can even reserve it earlier by clicking here. For the shower, we highly recommend you to shower in the afternoons/evenings, because everyone wants to shower in the morning and the lines get huge and the water very low. If you don’t feel like taking long lines for the shower, you can use the Brazilian showers. They are also inside the shower area, but contrary to the private showers, there’s no hot water in there.

Hellfest App

If you want to make your set list for the festival, you should download the App. It will give you a map of the area and also will notify you every time a show you want to watch is about to start. So, keep yourself up to date and download their official app.

How to still get tickets?

Well, well, well, metalheads, I have two good news for you. This year Hellfest launched a partnership with SNCF (the local train company) and they have an express Heavy Metal train departing from Bordeaux to the gates of Hellfest and back with tickets to the festival included in the price. This is still available on their website (at least until now, 6th February) and you can use the chance to meet the beautiful Bordeaux. We have been there last year and worth it! Click here to guarantee your ticket.

Not what you expected? So, there are still some combo tickets available for people going from Paris, Nancy, Auxerre, Besancon, Reims, Mulhouse and Strasbourg. The tickets include 3 days pass for the festival, bus ticket and camping area. You can have yours by clicking here.

Pack and go!

With all those information, all you have to do is to pack and go to enjoy 3 beautiful days among metalheads just like you. Get your camping items together and Apero!