London Budget Hotel – Tip (LHR)

We had to make a quick stop by London and instead of using our hours to tour around, we decided to save some energy and simply sleep longer in a hotel. We found an amazing budget hotel very near to the airport. It was exactly what we needed: a bed and a bathroom with a delicious hot shower. The hotel is the Easyhotel and belongs to the low cost flight company Easyjet.


With 23 units around Europe and in Dubai, the Easyhotel is part of the Easy Company, specialized on low cost services. Besides being cheap, the room was clean, double bed with a private bathroom, with towels and even with a flatscreen tv. It is very simple, but essencial if you need to recharge your energies between one flight and another or if you are just looking for some budget hotel to enjoy the city.

We found it through almost last minute. We payed less than 40 pounds, which is a pretty good price for a hotel in London with a not shared bedroom. We arrived at late time, around 11:30 in the night, and the check in was pretty easy and quick.

The first impression of the room was that I was still in an airplane. The walls were a kind of plastic, very well isolated and you barely could hear people talking even in the corridor. The temperature of the room was perfect and the bed was mega comfortable. The rooms have no windows, so can be a bit tuff if you want to stay more than one night or you are the kind of person that can’t miss the daylight going inside the bedroom.

Inside the hotel there was a common area with tables, microwave, electric oven and water boiler. Also you could grad some snacks or drinks in vending machines and in the entire area from the hotel you could have access to a very good Wi-Fi connection.


The Easyhotel we stayed was near to the London Heathrow airpoirt, so it is really far from the city center. To get there was super simple, we took the bus 140 from the inside of the airport and it left us in front of the street of the hotel (Stop S – Brickfield Lane Harlington). We just had to walk around 150 meters and we were already in the hotel. The bus travel also took around 10 minutes and this bus leaves the airport every 6 to 10 minutes. So it was pretty quick.

The only thing is that you need an Oyster Card: the public transportation card. If you don’t have one and arrive in London that late, you might not going to be able to buy one to take the bus. Our tickets costed 1,50 each and we could even had taken the free ride. The stop we had to go was 9 away from the airport, but up to 6 stops from the airport are for free. Just keep in mind this is a single benefit from buses departing from and to the airport, because you can’t walk to it, you need to take the bus, underground or go by car. If you don’t have an Oyster Card and also can’t buy one, the best option would be taking a taxi to the hotel.

We highly recommend it for quick stays and we were very satisfied with our stay!

Date of our visit to easyHotel in London LHR: 28.03.2017