My travel to Lucerne was a little bit out of nowhere. A Brazilian Travel Blogger (Estevam Pelo Mundo – content in Portuguese) invited me in the last minute to join him in a travel around Switzerland and Germany. I never say no to such a nice travel with a beloved friend, so I packed a very efficient bag and one of those destinations was the cute Lucerne, a small and extra charming city in Switzerland.

Summer in Switzerland

When we think about Switzerland, the first thing it comes to our minds is the Alpes and a lot of snow. It is true that the country profit much more from the winter than from the summer, but believe me, the summer around there can get to pretty high temperatures and swimming in lakes or rivers can be a pretty awesome solution for countries with no coastline. This is just how Lucerne is: a perfect winter destination if you like to be under snow, but pretty amazing and warm summer days to enjoy the outside life a little bit more.

Touring in Lucerne

I guess that the first thing to be said you probably already know: when touring in Switzerland, you gotta get your wallet ready. There’s no way to make it cheap. Switzerland is a very expensive country and there’s no miraculous tip on how to spend less travelling around there. If you want to try to save something, then change your meals to some supermarket ready food. Maybe your diet will be affected for few days, but at least you can save something here.

Besides the monetary tip, Lucerne is a very pleasant city to walk all around. The city has two main wood bridges, which carries a lot of history for few centuries. In both bridge you can see the story of the town written on it, but you will have to use some German to understand them.

The main bridge is called Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) and  was built on the 14th century as part of the fortification of the city. Attached to it there is a Water Tower that was never used for the purpose. It was raised as one, but has been used to keep several different things through the years, like archives, treasures, but never water. It was even used as a prison and a torture chamber for a while. The bridge and the Wasserturm (Water Tower) are the most important landmarks in the city and they are maintained like the originals.

The second wood bridge is near to the main one, but this one is protected from the power of the river Reuss by a Water Spike construction that is regulated manually to control the levels of the river inside the city. This bridge has been already destructed by the water and rebuilt again a little later. Near to this bridge there’s the Jesuit Church, the first large Sacral Baroque Church in Switzerland.

The third most important landmark in Lucerne is carved in a huge rock in memory of people that died at the Tuileries in 1972. The sculpture of a dying Lion is one of the most famous monuments in the world and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Lucerne is a perfect destination if you want to slow down a bit. Contrary to the big capitals with thousands of things to do, in Lucerne you can go sightseeing while you have some very pleasant slow walk and no hurries at all.

Date of our visit to Lucerne: 08 – 10.08.2015