Mi Buenos Aires Querido

If you are traveling around South America and want to see some European roots, you need to go to Buenos Aires. It’s pretty much what Europe would look like if it was a third world continent. The charm of the Argentinian capital lays on its very beautiful architecture and the “broken” aspect of a city that is a bit forgotten by their government. There is also the espetacular Tango, the sexy and beautiful dance that combines Passion and Love. You will definitely fall for Buenos Aires.

Don’t cry for me Argentina…

Evita Perón was the most loved woman in the country, no one can say a word against it. Besides being a bit morbid, you can pay her a visit at the fanciest neighborhood of the city: the Recoleta. Visiting this Argentinian cemetery can be a little bit weird. The structure is pretty amazing, full of huge mausoleums and statues. But when you look inside the mausoleums you can see the coffins clearly exposed. This felt a bit awkward for me. On the other hand, if you are a cat person, the amount of cats in the graveyard will distract you a bit from the weird coffins.

Back to the alive world, it’s also at the same neighborhood, the Recoleta, that is located the second most beautiful books store in the world: El Ateneo. It used to be a theater and opera house, so you can imagine how beautiful it is inside.

Por una cabeza…

If you are not too much into the Tango world, Por Una Cabeza is actually the most famous piece of the category. It was composed by the world wide famous Tango musician, Carlos Gardel. Tango is what defines the popular Argentinian  music and while visiting the capital you won’t scape watching a very well and beautifully danced Tango. Actually you don’t want to miss it, because the music has a beautiful melody and the dance is sexy, sensual, hot and passionate. To guarantee the best Tango shows, you can go to the oldest café in town, the Cafe Tortoni. Located at the very central Avenida de Mayo, 825, you might need to reserve a table before in case you are visiting the city during the high season.

If you are looking for something unique, you can also have a Dinner with Tango at very famous places like  La Ventana or the traditional Theater Piazzola.

If you’d rather watch some free Tango, you can stick to the street Tango, danced by street artists at the famous Calle Florida or even at the cutest neighborhood Caminito.

Caminito and La Boca

In spanish. Caminito means small way and this one is very colorful in the neighborhood of La Boca, the same one from the Boca Juniors stadium, which is also opened for visitations. Caminito is like an open sky art gallery. It is a very beautiful and charming place to visit. Besides, you can see the Tango running all along the street. Just keep in mind that if you sit in any of the bars tables along the way, they expect you to leave a chubby tip for the dancers. Of course that the touristic exploration is around there.


The biggest and a very rich neighborhood from Buenos Aires, it’s where you are going to find nicest restaurants and a very active nightlife. Because of the size of the neighborhood, we highly recommend you to check exactly what you want to do and where you want to go before just saying “Palermo” to the cab driver.

Important Buildings and Streets

If you go to Buenos Aires, you need to see the widest avenue in the world: Avenida 9 de Julio. It’s a very central avenue and it’s there that you will find the Obelisk. The avenue is really large, it has 110 meters from one side to the other and could fit another block of houses in there. It is also in this Avenue that you can see the third best opera house in the world according to National Geographics, the Colón theater. Very near from this avenue you will see the presidential house La Casa Rosada, the Congress building and also the fancy shopping street Calle Florida.

Puerto Madero

Buenos Aires has a incredible (and pretty windy) port area. It’s in this port that you can see a lot of cool restaurants and also a museum inside a boat, the Presidente Sarmiento. It is a very modern region of the city and is being filled with very high and technological buildings. It is also there that you can see the “Woman’s Bridge”, a swinging bridge that turns 90 degrees so the water traffic can go through.

Buenos Aires is a lovely place and can get pretty warm in the summer and pretty cold in the winter. If you are searching for more mild weather, you can program your visit between March and May or September and December. Prepare your heart for the beautiful and attractive Tango and Join Me There!

Date of our visit to Buenos Aires: December/2007 and September/2008.