New York for 6 days – Best Tips

Visiting a city as expensive as New York can be tricky and sometimes the travel can’t be too long, because usually, we can’t afford such a thing. At least that was our situation with New York, on our first time there we had only six days and we tried to make the best of it, so in our next travels to the city, we could enjoy more the least touristic things. If you are in a situation pretty similar to ours, read here our best tips to enjoy one of the biggest cities in the world with no regrets.

Choose your Hotel wisely

If this is your first time in New York I am sure that you are adviced everywhere to stay in a Hotel or a Hostel in Manhattan because this will give you the opportunity to enjoy the city at most. Well, this was one of the big lies we have read everywhere. The thing is we couldn’t afford a hotel in the middle of Manhattan and we really dislike staying in Hostels. If you are travelling alone, that can be a thing, but as a couple, we appreciate our privacy more. Not mentioning that most of the Hostels, with 10 to 20 beds per room, had the same price as nice hotels outside Manhattan. Why would we pick the uncomfortable hostel to a nice, clean and private room with private bathroom Hotel?

We stayed in a Hotel in Queens, that was by subway, only 3 stations away from the hit-of-the-moment in Manhattan. We took only 15 minutes to get to the city centre and the New Yorker subway works 24/7. So, even if you want to enjoy Manhattan a bit longer, you won’t find any trouble with going back to your hotel. Read about it here.

Subway ticket for 7 days

As you might well know, New Your is a huge city. Especially if you start considering visiting all the corners and not staying only around the Times Square. Besides we know that the best way of visiting a city is walking around, believe me, you are going to be very pleased to know that you can use the subway anytime you want. If are also staying outside Manhattan, then this 7 days ticket is not even an option, it is a must-have.

The subway in New York works in two ways: Single-Ride tickets or 7 days tickets. Ok, they also have the Monthly ticket, but we are not talking about it, because I believe most of the tourists won’t need this one. So, the single-ride ticket costs $ 2,75. The 7 days ticket costs $ 32,00. Well, the math is very simple, if you use it twice a day it is already paid off and you don’t have to worry about the credits in your Metrocard. By the way, add a dollar to your plans, because this is the price of a Metrocard.

From the Airport to the City

It is super easy to get from the Airport to the City Center. Just put this way in your Google Maps and you will get the detailed information on which way to go. Well, we have a nice advice for this route as well. The first thing you need to know is that you will have to pay $ 6,00 just to get out of the airport. This is the price of the Air Train + the price of the Metrocard for the Air Train. Unfortunately, you can’t use your Air Train Metrocard for the normal subway.

So, here it is your best deal to get to the city centre via Public Transportation: Get out of the airport in the direction of the Air Train. Take the one to Jamaica. So far you are not paying anything. As soon as you get to the Jamaica Station, you will walk to the exit and there you will have to pay. You can use dollars or your credit card and you can do that in the automated machines. Don’t buy any combo if you intend to buy your 7 days Metrocard. Just buy your Air Train ticket + Card, pay and go out.

So, as soon as you go out of the Air Train station, seek for the MTA. This is the Subway from New York. Don’t take the exit to the LIRR, because it will be an extra fare and you won’t be able to buy your 7 days Metrocard. As soon as you get to the MTA, you just go to those automate machines again and purchase your card and your 7 days ticket to New York. Check again your Google Maps for the right way to go and enjoy the city!

Of course, if you are a big family or have too much luggage, just take a Cab or an Uber. 😉

Eating Cheap

Well, you are in America. If you want to eat cheap you need to go for fast foods services. Not all of them are just those fat burgers with oily fries, there are some decent options also. Just remember that going to proper restaurants can be a bit pricey, so if you are on the Budget, just save those names:

Chipotle – A Mexican restaurant that serves some nice portions of salads (Mexican style, of course) and you can mount it the way you want. If you want larger portions, go for the bowl, because the burrito has limited space.

Pret a Manger – It is a British Fast Food chain and if you are used to travelling around Europe you know it pretty well. They have accessible prices and a great variety of non-fried sandwiches.

Chic-Fil-A – A traditional fast-food chain with chicken-based products. It is a nice alternative to McDonald’s or Burger King.

Shake Schack – A healthier alternative to traditional burgers.

Subway – Well, this one I am pretty sure you are familiar with. They are also a nice alternative to the fried burgers.

2 Bros Pizza – Their pizza slice costs only 99 cents and it is delicious! It was the best option for a quick snack to go. Don’t miss the chance to eat there!

Turnstyle Underground Market – Go to the Columbus Circus Station and search for this Market. It is a corridor that connects the subway station to one of its exits and has great options of small restaurants down there. We went for some Japanese Food and it was simply delicious!

You can also try out the Food Trucks. They are everywhere in the city and they are very promising. What we don’t recommend at all are the Hot Dogs. Just stay away from them.


If you are really on a budget and want to find a supermarket to shop for your food, well, the best option you are going to find is the Trader’s Joe. It is a low-cost supermarket south of Manhattan. Just be sure to find some time to that, because the lines are huge. Unfortunately, we just found them on our last day and we could not enjoy spending less to eat. This is the only big supermarket we found in Manhattan. All the other chains were pricey and smaller.

New York City Pass

I spent long hours reading about the several different City Passes that New York has, all the benefits, all the prices and even compared with the real prices of the attractions and I got to a conclusion: the best option is the New York City Pass. When I was in Chicago I had used the one from the same company there and loved it. After comparing all the different ones for New York, my conclusion was just to go for the same. My reasons where: it was the cheapest option compared with the benefits and has only 6 attractions to go, so you won’t keep wondering among the 20 options you have, which will be better to do and ending up doing much less than you paid.

Also, you must be wondering if you really should buy a City Pass. If this is your first time in New York and you don’t have much a clue when you are coming back, then my answer is YES. My reason here is very simple: NYC has several important attractions to see and the City Pass holds the most important ones among them. If you make them all, you are free to come back to New York any other time and not to go to any of those touristic places. But if you don’t go back, then you have seen it all and you are happy.

Just make sure you see at least 5 attractions and the pass is paid.

Join us for our 6 Days in New York!

Well, now that you have the best tips collected here, check it out how we enjoyed our six days in NYC. If you are searching for a nice travel plan for the city, you will love it!

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