New York for 6 Days – Day 1

Our first day in New York started with a very nice breakfast in our hotel in Queens. We were pretty excited to finally step in Manhattan and after a quick look in the map, we realized that we were pretty close to the Grand Central Station, which was just about to be our first thing to do in New York. There were two metro stations very near to our hotel. One was one block away and the other was only 3 blocks. Both would lead us to the central part of Manhattan in within 15 minutes. We had no regrets about our choice for staying location.

The Grand Central Station

The visitation here is pretty quick. So you can include any time of your travel. The station is beautiful! Besides its size, you can see it all in a blick of an eye.

After a few shots of the Grand Central, it was time to step out in Manhattan for the first time and we walked until Broadway and Times Square. It was very exciting to walk around for the first time, but at the same time, New York gives you that feeling of “I know this already” because the city is the scenario for so many movies and series that we get familiar with it. Of course, pretty exciting to be there, but so far, nothing new to the eyes.

Broadway and Times Square

You gotta fall in love with all those lights and screens showing all kinds of stuff. For us, getting to Broadway and Times Square was cool, but we thought that the place was a bit wider. Maybe it is just a feeling that is narrower than it really is, because of the huge skyscrapers around. Large or narrow, it is a very cool place to be. All the most touristic shopping are around there. Tip: Hershey’s gives you samples of chocolate at the entrance! 😉

This is what you see when you get to Broadway. You have to walk that direction to get to Times Square. It is a bit like the Cambodians used to say: Same, same, but different.

From here, you see all the amazing lights in the square. I am sure you will fall in love with that! Simon did:

After standing there just looking around for a few minutes and trying to understand all that information around us, we decided to head to the Rockefeller Center and take a look at New York from the above. We hadn’t buy our City Pass yet, but we discovered that it costs the same at the attractions and online, so we decided to buy it at our first attraction. We arrived there around 9:00 in the morning and the lines were very ok.

The Rockefeller Center – The Top of the Mountain

What we loved about the Rockefeller Center is that the line is also interactive. On the way, you can read about all the history of the building, watch a movie and understand it all before going up. That definitely made the line easier. Actually, there were moments that we wished the line to go slower. Less than half an hour after we arrived in the building, we were standing in front of the elevator, ready to go up. The roof of the elevator is made of glass and there’s a small animation while you go up. It is a cool experience!

When you get to the top there are 3 platforms that you can visit. The highest one is just opened when the weather conditions are good and it is not too windy.

One of the coolest thing about the Top of the Rock is that you can see The Empire State Building from there and this makes the view pretty amazing! In the picture above, for example, you can see the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center One and The Statue of Liberty. On the other side of the picture, you can also have a nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Tell me if this isn’t the best place for a truly New York picture?! 😉

On the opposite side, the view is the Central Park. But let’s say that it doesn’t look so beautiful by this time of the year, right?! My best guess is that the coolest picture here you can make during the Autumn.

At last, a picture of both of us enjoying the warm sun on that cold day. =)

After visiting the Top of the Rock and learning all the amazing story about the Rockefeller, we decided to go for a walk around the area. We have been to Columbus Circus and the borders of the Central Park.

But before we kept walking all around, we went back to the hotel for a 2 hours rest.

Our little night tour

It is almost a rule: you need to go to Times Square once at daylight and once at night light. So, because we are Marvel fans, we decided to explore a bit the Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood before getting to the electric night at Times Square. This time we took the train a bit further and we went out to the docks in the Hudson River. We walked all along, very near to the Intrepid Air & Sea Museum and entered the very residential, but cute, area of Hell’s Kitchen. It is much more peaceful than at is shown in Daredevil!

By the time we were arriving near to the Times Square, we met a very traditional bar street in Hell’s Kitchen. It is exactly like in a movie: all the American buildings, with their Fire Exit Stairways outside the windows and the cosy bars in the undergrounds of the buildings. Usually some Jazz and Blues style and very attractive. We didn’t enter any of them and walked straight to Times Square. It was already 9:00 in the night and we still needed to find a place to have some dinner before going back to the Hotel and end the day.

Before I finish this post, a small talk about Time Square at night: there are so many lights and screens in that place that they have the power of turning night to day! It is impressive and you should spend some time in there.

Are you ready for Day 2? So, Join Me There!

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