New York for 6 Days – Day 2

The second day starts in New York City and we head for breakfast very early in the morning. We just have 6 days and we don’t want to miss a moment in the city! Day one was already full of walk and things to do and the second day is very promising as well, especially because the sun is shining outside and it is a perfect day to start visiting the Statue of Liberty!

Battery Park + Cruise Lines

We took the subway to the south of Manhattan, at the Battery Park, and walked in the direction of the Pier where the boat to the Statue would exit. This attraction is also included in the City Pass that we purchased at the Rockefeller Center. If you have doubts if you should get a City Pass or not, click here to read more about it.

Because we knew that could take longer to make the entire circuit: Statue of Liberty + Ellis Island, we decided not to walk too much around the Battery Park and we went straight to the lines. I can’t remember being in such a messy line before. First comes a large normal line that you can fit around 3 people per row. Later this becomes a huge mass: everything ends in a large space that you have no clue where to go. Somehow you start getting smashed into two different lines that lead you to the security room: a place very similar to an airport security station with around 15 X-Rays machines and 15 new lines. They are very strict on those x-rays so be careful on what you are carrying around.

Funny thing is that after being smashed to get to the X-Ray and the security nightmare part is over, there’s no line anymore. Everyone else is still stuck in the security measurements and you can walk freely to the boat, that departures half empty. They need to learn a bit about organizing it better.

Small quick tip: if you are hungry, you can buy something for really nice prices inside the Cruise. We had hot chocolate and Pretzel with no regrets! 😉

Statue of Liberty

I don’t know if the buildings in New York are too big and give the impression that the Statue is smaller than you thought or we have a wrong memory of the statue at all. It seemed very small from what we expected, but big or small, the great thing about the lady is everything it represents: the freedom of all the immigrants that there arrived years and years ago. When you get there, think of yourself as a refugee that has been days in the see, scared, hungry and dirty. Looking to this statue is the symbol of a great relief: you arrived alive. What comes next is also scary, but now you can relax a bit.

The Ellis Island

The second stop of the boat is the Ellis Island. This is the place where the immigrants were taken as soon as they arrived in the USA. There they would go through all the bureaucratic things to be accepted in the country or not. The audio guide is for free. If you don’t have the time – or the patience – to make all the 4 tours, make at least the first one, because is extremely interesting!

In this island is also the abandoned hospital that many immigrants were taken afterwards. The visitation of this hospital is not included in your ticket and you shall purchase it apart. I honestly didn’t even find where to, because I love abandoned places. But, also, I was a bit limited in time, so maybe a next time! 😉

9/11 Memorial

After you are done with the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island, you have two options: you can walk to the Charging Bull and Wall Street or you can go to the 9/11 Memorial. We decided to do the Memorial first. A visitation to the top of World Trade Center One is possible, but because we have been already to Rockefeller Center and we still had the Empire State Building to go, we decided to not spend our dollars on this one. We only went to the museum and it was pretty impressive. No pictures from the inside, because it is small and impressive, so you should see it for yourself.

By the way, what were you doing on 9/11/2001?

Shopping Mall

After you exit the Memorial, take a look around. You will see some kind of skeleton style building. This is a very curious – and fancy – shopping mall. Go there to see it from the inside, because it is beautiful!

Charging Bull and Wall Street

We had high expectations to see the Charging Bull facing the little girl, but as soon as we got there, we could get nothing, but very upset: it was “closed”. We don’t know why, but the statue was isolated from the audience and there were tons of people all around. No chance for us for a picture with the Bull. We would try again some other day.

The Wall Street was pretty interesting to walk around because it is the financial centre of America, but at the same time, it was the place where we found the cheapest places to eat. Pretty curious. The area looks a bit abandoned and many stores are closed. Looks like the Wall Street is not going so well.

Brooklyn Bridge

Well, even doing so many things in only one day, we still had time to enjoy the sunset at the Brooklyn Bridge. We had no clue how we made it all in one day, but we did! The walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is a must do. It is for free, the bridge is beautiful and the view is amazing. Just do it!

After that, we were definitely over. All we wanted was to rest our feet. So, if you want more of NYC, just join me on the 3rd day!

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