New York for 6 Days – Day 3

On our third day in New York, the weather decided to go cloudy and rainy, so it gave us a great opportunity to do some touring inside a museum. We decided for the Met, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We are not huge museum fans, but there are some of them in the world that you cannot miss. Is like going to Paris and not visiting the Louvre. So, that was going to be our first museum day.

First Plans

Well, because we were optimistic and read some reviews online that it was possible to make two museums in one day: Met and National History Museum, we thought that could be a good plan. So our plan was a morning at Met and an afternoon at NHM. Both museums open at 10:00 and closes at 17:00. Sounds like a good plan, right?!

Wrong. Both museums are huge and we took all day long to visit each of them. But today, we just talk about Met.

The Museum

We entered the Museum, no lines at all. Because we had the pass, we simply went to a service desk right in the middle of the room, presented our City Pass and got our tickets. It was very quick and easy. So, we took a floor map to see where to start. When we finished the first sector (I guess it was around 5 sectors) we realized that we used two hours just for that. So we decided to prioritize our wishes and make it a bit quicker. In the end, we saw only what we really wanted and when we finished it was about time to the Museum to close. How the heck someone can make two museums in a single day? I am still trying to understand.

If you want to know if I recommend it? Oh yes, the museum is incredible and worth a lot the visit. Just go for it!

Eating inside the Museum

Well, let’s say that if you spend all day long inside, you will need to, eventually, sit down and eat. I already tell you that there are not many options and it is pricey. One muffin, cookie or cake, for example, were almost $ 5,00. A small salad or sandwich $ 14,00.

Back to Rockefeller Center

After the Museum, we walked along the 5th Avenue a bit and took a bus to the Rockefeller Center. This time we wanted to have something very specific: a hot chocolate from a place called “La Maison du Chocolat”, it is not an American chain, as you could have guessed, and they are all around Europe, but we didn’t know the brand until a friend that lives in Washington DC recommended us. The New Yorker edition is inside the Rockefeller Center and, my friend, you won’t regret. It is pure chocolate.

Sorry not having any picture of it. We have kind of problem with hunger, we never remember to make the picture of our foods and drinks. We first kill the wild animal inside us and then we remember that we should have made a picture… sorry…

Back to Time Square

Well, without much time to do anything and very tired, we decided for a quick walk around at Times Square to see something we haven’t seen yet: The Bubba Gump Shrimp, a restaurant / Souvenir Store inspired in the movie Forest Gump. It is pretty cool to visit it, but it was too pricey for us. So, we just kept it in the memory. Also, if you are searching for chocolate, there are two HUGE stores at Times Square for you to have it all you want: the M&Ms store and the Hershey’s store. Both have thousands of the brand’s products, but the prices at Hershey’s where far better. So, if you plan to take thousands of souvenir in shape of chocolate, bet on Hershey’s.

No more walking around for us. We need to rest for another day in the beautiful New York City. Let’s go to Day 4? So Join Me There!

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