New York for 6 Days – Day 4

Our plans for our 4th day in New York included having a great breakfast once again, go to the Post Office, because I wanted to post a gift for my friend that lives in Washington DC and after that visit the Empire State Building. Do you think we managed to do it all? Let’s see!

Post Office

Very near to the train station at the corner of the Empire State Building, there was a Post Office unit. We got there and we just faced a small room with a beggar inside and a small machine. We put all the data in this machine, paid and by the time that it was supposed to print the stamp, the machine gave an announcement that it ran out of paper. Nothing else showed up on the screen and also didn’t give my money back. Above the machine, there was a note saying: “If you have trouble with this machine, come to the central post office”. On this moment the beggar said “Oh, it didn’t print anything, right?! Yeah, it has been happening the entire morning.”. Oh, thank you for the advice, AS****E!

So, we decided to first see the city from the top and afterwards, we would seek for the Central Post Office.

The Empire State Building

To be very honest if you HAVE to choose between the Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building, don’t waste your time here. Go to the Rockefeller Center. The entire experience around there is much better. The Empire State Building looks like a “fast-sightseeing”: you take a huge line, without any interaction, you would enter the elevator, see some animation on the roof while going up. Once you are up there, you follow a small circuit and over. Nothing special. Just a small souvenir shop. Their goal is that you also go down as quick as possible. The view is pretty amazing, it is true, but both skyscrapers are very close to each other, so what you see from the Top of the Rock you also see from the observatory in the Empire State Building. Not only the visitation at the Rockefeller Center is much more attractive, also the Empire State Building is much cooler to see in the picture.

Well, our ticket was also valid for a night visit to the Empire State Building. We would check if the line is going to be friendly later and try to see NYC from the top at night.

The Central Post Office

After another pick of NYC from the Empire State Building point of view, we went to the central Post Office. It was a very cool building in front of the Madison Square Garden. There we managed to send the package to my friend, not before being a bit loud with the lady in the counter. She really didn’t want to do it for us. She thought we were scamming the machine.

So, what now?

Well, there was still one thing we wanted to try: to see the Charging Bull. Unfortunately, it was still close. It was a bit unfair. Some friends were there few days before us and others few days after and the Charging Bull was completely free. Very unlucky from us. So, no nice pictures with the Charging Bull, let’s try our luck at Chinatown and Little Italy then!

Chinatown and Little Italy

We took the subway to Chinatown and it is impressive how this neighbourhood is so different from the rest of New York. You really get out of a station into another city. Everything works like in Asia, the food exhibition on the outside of the stores, fruits everywhere, the handmade stuff, the writing on the facade. Impressive! If you go to New York, don’t miss the Chinatown! Also, it is side by side with Little Italy and just by crossing a street you go from China to Italy. Everything changes. It is impressive. It was one of my favourites things to do in New York.

After our little walk around there, we went back to the hotel. We were both very tired and Simon’s back was starting to pinch, so we decided to give it a rest for the afternoon and be fit to keep the touring at night and on our last two days.

Empire State Building at Night

The website from the building tells you what is the best time to visit the attraction night and day. We followed their tip, but the line was super huge around the block. By the morning the line was inside the building and already took us 2 hours to go up, imagine how long we would take to get to the door. The problem with the Empire State Building is that there is a limitation of 450 people on the top, so there is the need of waiting for people to go out so new can go in.

We had not much patience for the line, so we decided to visit the Amazon Book Store in front of it, which was pretty cool, by the way! After that, we headed back to the hotel and the receptionist took us to take a look at the view from the rooftop. It was a very cool way to finish our day!

Getting ready for Day 5

Well, this was going to be a sad day for us, because we would have to leave our hotel. We had weather trouble and flight cancellation (click to read it all here), so our last night in New York was supposed to be in a Hostel, very near to the Columbus Circus. Great location, but we truly loved our hotel and we were super sad we had to leave.

So, go with us the sad Day 5. Join Me There and see how the day went by.

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