New York for 6 Days – Day 5

We woke up to have our last delicious breakfast at our beloved hotel. We had a pleasant last nice shower and headed to our hostel near to Columbus Circle. Of course that the check-in time would be very late, but we wanted to enjoy the day to see the Museum of National History. This time we didn’t fool ourselves and we knew we would be there for the day. So, we drop our bags at the hostel and headed to the museum. Especially because the day was supposed to be grey and wet. Another perfect day to spend in a museum.

Just a quick info about that hostel: at a first sight we already didn’t like so much, because no one cares. The crew is made by travellers that exchange work for bed, so they really don’t give a damn.

A Night in The Museum

Whoever watched this movie will find many pieces of the movie around the museum. The only sad thing about it is that they are really stuck in the past. Many pieces of information are out of date and we even saw some a banner about the development of the world that stopped at early 2000’s. A bit later they showed a more updated video, but it was kinda sad to see such an important museum with so many information out of date.

We took exact 5:45 minutes to visit the entire museum with a small run in the end, because it was about to close. So, it is another museum that you easily spend the day if you want to see it all. I gotta say that the dinosaurs were my favourite part!

Turnstyle Underground Market

Now that we were staying in such central location, we decided to first go to the Hostel, check-in and rest a bit before giving our last night-walk-around in New York. As soon as we got out of the train, in our station, we walked through a very cool place called Turnstyle Underground Market. It is an underground gallery full of small shops and restaurants. We picked a Japanese restaurant and we had the best meal during all our time in New York. It was a great find in our way!

The Hostel

We were staying at the Jazz Columbus Circle and the Hostel was very bad. The beds were extremely uncomfortable, there was no privacy in the beds and the room that we were was extremely cold. The window was broken and there was no heating in the room. The beds had no thick blanket, just a very thin one that was like nothing. We had to sleep with our winter clothes – including jacket – on. It was a really shitty room. The bathroom was inside the bedroom – one good thing! – but the shower was those that the water doesn’t come out too much. At least it was a warm water. I was happy that we would just stay there for a single night. It was a 5 beds room and only 4 of them were occupied.


After 5 days walking around 15 km per day, we were clearly very tired of a long goodbye. We just went for the last time to Times Square and then back to the Hostel. But in this small walk, we got to the NBC building and they have a really cool store! You can even sit at one of those “The Voice” chairs and press the most famous button in the world!

We still had the last day, because our flight would leave the airport just at 10 in the night, so we had plenty of time for another attraction. Join Me There to our last, but really not least interesting, 6th Day!

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