New York for 6 Days – Day 6

Our last day in New York started with two grumpy human beings because the night was extremely cold and uncomfortable. Simon even had the throat pain and the ear starting to hurt too. We knew it would be a long day for both of us. Even though nothing stopped us from enjoying our last day in New York and we had two amazing things left to be done: a walk around the Central Park and walking along the High Line Park.

Central Park

When in New York, the Central Park is a must-see. We have been around it few times during our small visit, but we still haven’t give it a proper tour. So, to have the complete New York experience, we still needed to see the Strawberry Fields, a memorial that Yoko Ono made for Lenon, the Bow Bridge, a very famous bridge in the park and the Belvedere Palace, an old Palace that was transformed into a Meteorological Station.

At a first sight, we were a bit disappointed that there were car streets inside the Central Park. Now we are already feeling better because they want to ban completely the cars around there. It is an awesome park to such a megalopolis like New York and pretty upsetting to have the car noises even inside of it. Good decision, New York. Good decision. 😉

The Strawberry Fields is a small mosaic in the floor. It is smaller than I thought, but a beautiful memory.

The Bow Bridge has a very cool view. It is a cute place to walk around.

The Belvedere Palace was under construction. Sad! But it looks charming from the outside.

On the way we also saw a very small garden called “The Shakespeare Garden”, but we didn’t get in there, because a small group was sitting and making a small meeting.

The Central Park is indeed a place to fall in love. We went there by the end of winter, so I can imagine how beautiful it must be during other seasons of the year.

The Downtown

After we went to the Central Park, we took the subway to the Downtown area, because I wanted to go to a store called “Michaels”. It is a store for artisans and artists and sells all kinds of stuff in there. Because I love Hand Writing, I was very curious to check it out. The store is pretty cool, indeed, but the cool things that we found on the way were even better! We found a Trader’s Joe, a low-cost supermarket chain. It was very upsetting finding that only on our last day, but we saved it as a great tip for the next visits. Trader’s Joe was a German brand sold to the Americans and it is the only proper supermarket in Manhattan. We just didn’t buy anything, because the lines were HUGE. But for people that just arrived and want to be low-budget on food, definitely worth the visit!

Empire Cake

After being happy around Trader’s Joe, I decided that I didn’t want to leave New York without having a cupcake. I randomly Googled it and found a place called Empire Cake that is right in front of Google. I guess that Google wanted attention on this one! 😉

The place is small, but D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. I dream about their Peanut Butter cake. Just don’t miss it!

The Chelsea Market

So, that friend of mine that tipped me out about the Hot Chocolate at the Rockefeller Center also told me about the High Line, a park built upon an old and abandoned train track that goes up in New York. Simon and I got super curious about it and we didn’t want to go back home before checking it out. On the way, searching for the entrance to the High Line, we ended up at the Chelsea Market, a super alternative market that I would love to spend a few more time around. I love the style of the Market and everything about it. You must check it out even if very quick like me. Too sad that the place is a bit crowded.

The High Line

One of our favourites attractions in the city. You walk several kilometres along this old train track and it was completely rebuilt to become a nice family park, full of nice places to hang around. You walk among the high buildings, fancy malls and open areas. It is a very, but very cool thing to do. I don’t get how this is not the first thing that the New York tour guides bring up. The place was launched not so long ago and many areas are still under construction. We walked from the Chelsea Market to the end and it was very nice.

After such a walk-around day, we went back to the Hostel, grab our luggage and headed to the airport. We were super tired, especially after such a hard night in the Hostel. During the flight, Simon even had a high fever and we landed back in Berlin sick and tired.

From the good or from the bad, it was amazing 6 days in New York and we can’t wait to go back soon. 😉

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