Oktoberfest in Brazil

“What do you mean about Oktoberfest in Brazil?”. Yes, there’s Oktoberfest in Brazil and I would even risk myself saying that is one of the biggest ones outside Germany. Every year the party that happens in October (sounds obvious, but the original one actually happens in September!) attracts around half a million people to the small city of Blumenau in south Brazil.

Talking about Blumenau

Never had a chance to visit Germany but are you making a travel to Brazil? Well, you can experience the feeling of being in a German city also around there. Blumenau has all the characteristics of a traditional German village. The houses, city structure and architecture is more German than Berlin itself. But with its history couldn’t be different. Blumenau was founded by Hermann Blumenau, a man that went around the south of Brazil searching for the perfect place for a German colony. Of course that Hermann was a German himself and the most interesting thing is that before founding Blumenau, he went back to Germany to find people that wanted to go with him to Brazil and start the first population of his own city.

The city was mainly populated by the Germans, but when the Italians started the mass immigration to Brazil, Hermann had to open the door of his small village also for them and nowadays the city has a mixture of Germans and Italians descendants, being the originals one still in a bigger amount.

The Oktoberfest

The first Oktoberfest edition in Blumenau was in 1984. Since then, this huge German party happens every year and attracts people from the entire country. The beer is served in smaller doses than in the original Oktoberfest, besides that, you can also enjoy the party with a lot of German cultures, like the traditional clothes: lederhosen and dirndl, the music, the dancing and even the parade. It’s pretty much all the German tradition summed with the Brazilian happiness. I also must add that Brazilian know how to party.

As a person that has been to both Oktoberfests, the Brazilian and the original, I can say that both have their charms, but in Brazil, you don’t have to sit – or maybe have a table – to have tons of fun, dance, jump, drink and have the time of your life. Actually, in the Brazilian version of the celebration is walking around that you will find your fun. Definitely, you are going to make a lot of new friends and party through the night. Oh yes, another small difference between the parties is that the Brazilian one doesn’t have time to end. It starts at 11 in the morning but can go until the sun announces a new day to you.

If you want to enjoy the Brazilian Oktoberfest, you need to go to Brazil in Mid-October. The party goes on for 19 days and you can buy your tickets online clicking here. Just as a reminder: Brazil has no train lines that connect the cities. To get to Blumenau you have to use a travel bus. If you want to fly there, you need to use the “Navegantes” airport, which stays around 60km away from the city.

If you are going for this experience, get ready to party and Saúde!