Oktoberfest in Munich

There are some things that are great cliches. Like, when you think about Brazil, the carnival comes to your mind. When you think about India, impossible to not connect it with curry. When you think about Italy, the pizza is always there. With Germany is no different. When you think of this European country, the beer is the first thing that comes to our mind. Actually, Belgium is the biggest consumers of beer per capita, but Germany will never lose the title of being the country of the beer. To keep the fame, they have the biggest beer party in the world: the Oktoberfest.

Ein Prosit!

If you want to join the Oktoberfest, you better start learning some keywords. For example, to order a beer you simply have to say “Ein bier, bitte”. To toast with everyone in the table, you gotta do it individually, one by one, and looking into the person’s eyes. Then you can say Prost, Prosit or zum Wohl, the three most common ways of saying cheers at Oktoberfest.

If you want to enjoy the complete party, we highly recommend you to arrive there early, because the party doesn’t go through the night. In fact, after around 22:30 you can’t buy any beer inside the tents. Sounds like child play, but believe me, at 10 in the night already feels like 4 in the morning. Besides, the Oktoberfest fun starts outside the tents.

The “Wiesn” (the German name for the party) is huge. Besides the 15 big beer tents and the 20 smaller ones mixed between beer, coffee and food tents, there’s also a great adventure park mixed between those tents. Besides the very pricy attractions, the walking around and feeling the spirit of the party is a great experience. But just don’t lose the track of the time, if you don’t have a reservation in one of the tents, you might stay out of the party if you don’t find a nice place to stay until around 5:30 pm.

The tents

If you plan to go to the Oktoberfest for the first time, everything can be a bit confusing. You can only drink and eat inside the tents or in the Biergarten around them. You can’t buy a Maß outside those places. But remember, you are attending the biggest beer festival in the world, people from the entire world will be there, desperate to be part of this celebration. So, to guarantee your place inside the tents you have two options: the first one is to be a well-planned person and reserve it a long time before the party. Be aware of the scams and abusive prices online. Don’t trust to make your reservation in a place you know nothing about. The second option on guaranteeing your sit inside a tent is to simply go inside one and waiting until someone gets up. Even when the table has 8 people on it, one of them got up, you can ask on the table if the sit is reserved because it is not unusual to sit randomly around there.

Now let’s clarify how things work inside the tents. Until around 5 in the afternoon, people remain sitting, drinking, eating, talking, celebrating. It’s not unusual to see the families with the kids. Then, some moment between 5 and 6:30 in the late afternoon, people start to stand on their benches. After that, there’s no sitting anymore. You order your Maß and jump over the benches. Just for the record: only the benches, not the tables! This goes until the end of the party when they stop selling the beers. It sounds weird, but it is really high fun and amazing. So, now you know why you should learn some lyrics or, at least, the choreographies before attending the party.

The Maß

My innocence made me believe that the Oktoberfest beer was just like any other beer. But actually, I need to warn you: it has more alcohol than the traditional beers, besides the fact that is served in a 1-litre glass, the famous Maß. By the time I got to the party I was listening to people bragging about themselves and the 8 Maß that they had on the last day. Ok, 8 litres of beer sounds fine when you arrive at the party at 10 in morning and just leave at midnight. But I could tell by my own experience that 5 Maß makes you not understand how you got home later. Another big mystery about the Wiesn is how people can jump on those thin benches for hours, but afterwards are not able to find the way home? Well, I guess I have to live with this one.

Dressing Up

If you want to go to the most famous party in the world, you gotta get in the mood 100%. Besides learning how to order your beer and toasting in German, you need to get you some traditional clothes. Besides being really cute, everyone is dressed like that. You don’t wanna feel like an outsider, right?

For the girls, that beautiful dress is called Dirndl. To not go wrong on this one, chose some that go at least to your knees. There are plenty of Dirndl for sale that has a short skirt, but it’s not traditional and it’s not really well seen by the Germans. Keep in mind that the special thing about the Dirndl is not to show your legs, but your boobs. Even if you have small boobs, make sure to get some bra that pushes them up. Don’t be shy! 😉

For the guys, the Lederhosen is what you gotta wear. Combine it with some checked shirt.Usually, the Lederhosen don’t have many rules, they go a bit under the knee and you combine them with some high socks.

Well, know that you have the basics for Oktoberfest, start planning your trip and get ready to have a great time in beautiful München.

Date of our visit to Oktoberfest: 29.09.2016