Paraty under water

We arranged our visit to Brazil according to my mother’s birthday, that is on 19th March. As a celebration we decided to go to the beautiful and colonial city Paraty, located in the division of two states: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. What we learned from that travel is that this area can get pretty rainy during this time of the year, but not even the rain can take the beauty of the city away.

Division of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

Almost everyone in the world already heard about Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but what most people don’t know is that both are cities and states. São Paulo city is the 5th biggest in the world and it is located inside the state of São Paulo (represented by “SP”). Rio de Janeiro is the Brazilian most famous post card city and it is located inside the state of Rio de Janeiro (represented by “RJ”), just like Paraty. Although the distance between Paraty and Rio de Janeiro is around 250 km.

“The waters from March closing the Summer”

For those from the Northern Hemisphere is important to remember that while the Spring starts in March around there, this month brings the Autumn to the Southern Hemisphere. In those very tropical countries like Brazil, the end of Summer is famous for its heavy raining season. There’s even a popular Brazilian song that mentions in its lyrics “The waters from March closing the Summer” and we could experience the truth of that while being in Paraty.

The day we arrived in the city, we could notice by the paddles in the ground that it had rained a lot. That made us think how lucky we were about it and at least the rain was gone. At this same day we had a nice little walk through those old cobbled streets decorated by cute colonial houses, with white walls and a lot of colorful details. We even had a “snack-dinner” in a bar by the side of the main church.

The next morning was warm and by the end of it the rain started slowly. Then got harder. Then didn’t stop again. We spent an entire day in our room. Actually we were pretty lucky that one of the bedrooms (ours!) had a pretty nice common area, while the other rooms where small. So the entire family reunited in our bedroom and we could spend a day watching some Harry Potter movies on the cable Tv. Lucky for Simon, in Brazil most of movies are in english with Portuguese subtitles. In the end we went to bed hoping for a sunny morning.
Our hopes where crushed down by another rainy day, so we decided to end our travel on that morning and not waste another day in the room. We took the road back to São Paulo, but at least the rain gave us a small brake to visit the city center, the bay and the beach.

The rainy weather didn’t allow us to enjoy more from the city, even though we must say that all of our experiences where pretty positive. The city is charming and we want to visit it again in some other not-so-rainy-moment. The hotel was beautiful and with an amazing service and food. The restaurants we tried were delicious. In the end there’s nothing to regret.

Tourism in Paraty

This city was the port to collect all the gold taken from “Minas Gerais”, a neighboor state from RJ and SP. All the preciousity taken in this state was taken through the “Gold Road” to Paraty and then all shipped to Portugal in a time that they commanded the entire Brazil. The Portugueses used to take all the precious stones, woods, plants and everything else that this rich land had to offer and those ports cities were the way to bring it all to Europe.

Besides this historical part, Paraty has the tradicional beach touristic attractions: boats and scunnas rides, surfing, stand up pedaling and even some adventure sports. You can go also go hiking through the mountains.

During the winter, when the weather is not so warm for outside activities, in Paraty you can find a rich cultural agenda with indoor events. Unfortunately during the summer those attractions doesn’t happen, so the rain decreased our experience.

No matter when you want to visit Paraty, the city really fits all kind of targets: from couples with small kids, big families, romantics couples, adventure people or people engaged into cultural and historical activities.

Date of our visit to Paraty: from 17 – 19.03.2017