Roam like at Home: The New EU Roaming Freedom

The European Union launched a new amazing feature: to use your European mobile number with its all features without paying extra inside the European Union. This is the Roam like Home, launched in 15.06.2016 to make the experience of travelling around even better.

Is this real life?

It has been a while that all the European citizens were waiting for such a thing: being able to use the 3G without getting worried about the prices while travelling inside the EU. After a great discussion and negotiations here and there, this became real. If you have a European mobile number, you don’t have to worry about being connected everywhere. The new law obligates all the mobile companies to apply the same prices and conditions that you have at home anywhere inside the EU. Of course, there are some rules specially to prevent fraudulent uses, but if you have simple phones, you don’t have much to worry.

If you want to read all the rules, click here to access the official page.