Sao Paulo’s best Hot Dog: BLACK DOG

If you never had a hot dog in Brazil before, well, forget everything you know about hot dogs and consider that a hot dog in any Brazilian city is lunch or dinner sized. Also, they don’t look the same around the country. Every Brazilian state has their special way of making those delicious meals. For example, in Sao Paulo the hot dog is mounted with potato pure, corns, peas, cheddar cream, vinagrete sauce, catupiry (a very special Brazilian cream cheese), the sausage that can be pork or chicken, potato chips in tiny sticks and some parmesan cheese. Most of them, afterwards, are pressed in a burning hot iron board, melting the parmesan and leaving a superb cheese crust on the top. If you want to try the best of those, go to Black Dog.

Hot Dogs with History

The most curious thing about the Black Dog is its history. I remember when I was a young teenager, around my 14 to 15 years old, and I used to go there after school, at lunch break, with friends in early evenings or whenever the hungry hit on me and I was low on money. The place was a food tent, very simple place, very limited resources, but with the biggest hot dog in town. They had super fair prices (even cheaper than normal sized hot dogs) and they tasted better than all the others. Plus fact: they basically worked 24 houras.

The years went by and that small tent grew. They were really the best in town and at the same place where the tent was located, they opened their first Black Dog store. It was just a small corridor with the kitchen in the end and the quality continued the same. One nice thing about them, is that they tried to keep the price pretty fair, even having a new rent to pay.

Nowadays they became a network! They have 7 stores in Sao Paulo, they keep the fair prices (considering also the local currency and prices) and their hot dogs are still delicious. So, if you are by Sao Paulo and you want to eat a delicious fast food, forget about all the rest and go to Black Dog guarantee your piece of heaven!

Write down the address where everything started:

Al. Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 614

It is between Paulista Avenue and Alameda Santos and you can reach it by the subway station “Brigadeiro”.

Date of our visit to Black Dog: 21.03.2017