How to save money and travel more

Some people love to invest in clothes and shoes, others in a fancy car. There are also people who’d rather buy CDs and DVDs, have the newest phone in the market and the biggest television in their living rooms. Many people like to always have their meals outside or get the freshest and expensive food in the supermarket. Others love nothing more than nightlife, bars and alcoholic beverages. If you have enough income for all of those and still can travel often, congratulations! You’ve achieved the level of life that most of us always wanted. But if you are reading this post, the chances that you never find enough money to travel is high. So, try to follow some of those tips.

Less is more

Guess what? We, people from Join Me There, don’t have this kind of perfect life described above. We need to make our choices to be able to travel. The fact is that travelling is our way of life. We love it. We miss it. We get moody when we are too long far from the road or from the sky. So we decided to priorize. We’d rather live with much less so we have a little tiny bit more to travel. We don’t buy new clothes often and when we do, we always search the cheapest brands in the market. We don’t eat outside often. Let’s say that we have a meal in a restaurant less than once per month. If we are saving for a huge travel, then we don’t eat outside at all. Not being enough, we’d rather eat cheap at home. That doesn’t mean that we cook simple, no. Actually we love to reinvent in the kitchen. But we definitely use cheap ingredients, including the cheap wine that we almost never drink. To finish our point here, we rarely go out. No bars, no nightlife, no alcohol. Actually we are more the sober style, so it kind fit our personality the “staying at home watching some Netflix” style or having some friends over. But don’t get us wrong! We are not living a boring and lonely life. It is the other way around! We are pretty happy with our life style of living simple and we really like the “house-parties” much more than going to bars.

Moral of everything: priorize. If you really want to travel more, you gotta learn how to live with less. One good inspirational point here is that along your life, the best thing you can give away is knowledge. Traveling will give you so much knowledge, that you will die a wiser person. When you die, won’t be all the material stuff you acquired that will come to your mind, but all the beautiful things your eyes could touch.

Research and don’t waist a good opportunity

Nowadays is so easy to look for cheap flights, cheap hotels and also find out some cheap destinations, that if you can’t find a good offer, just means you are being too lazy. Take few hours from your week and navigate into the travel-promo websites. Activate the notifications for “unbelievable” offers and don’t waist a good chance. Also, search for your wanted destination from different computers and gadgets. Usually those promo websites save your IP information and the second time you search the ticket, can get more expansive. Try also to search it in different times of the day and also in different days. You will notice that the price can differ if you search on Monday 10 in the morning and Wednesday at 3 in the night. Those websites and Apps are full of tricks that as soon as you understand them, you will manage to get the best price.

Just don’t fall for the first offer – unless is a stunning one! – and research a lot. Specially if you are searching for a specific destination or if your dates are very limited. Usually when we are open minded and with a free agenda, it’s easier to find THE offer.

The last tip on this topic: don’t be afraid of buying. The worst thing that will happen is: you are going to travel. So, no fears.

Read bloggers tips

When you need some tips on how to cook something, you search for cooking websites or YouTube channels, right? When you need tips on how to build up a plastic table using soda bottles, you also search for Do It Yourself pages. So when you need to search for tips on how to travel cheap, well, than go to Travel Bloggers pages!

People that travel often can always offer you the best tips. So research also into some travel bloggers website. You can find someone from your city or country or can try to find people that writes from your wish-destination. The fact is that those people have the knowledge you are searching for: how to travel spending less money. Believe me, we – bloggers – always need to find cheap ways to go. We are not family members with any royalty, so we need to find a way that our job can pay our travels and as you could guess (pretty well), we need a job that we can do while traveling. So yes, we are usually freelancers that find our ways to travel cheap.

Plan in advance

It is possible to plan a last-minute travel with the small reserve you have, but if you have time to plan in advance, you will have a “fancier” travel and won’t have to skip the car rental or the 4 star hotel. Planning in advance allows you to:

  • Save monthly to spend in your holiday
  • Already have paid hotels and flight tickets

This means that by the time you travel you can use your wallet to some extra thing during your travel. Also, with a lot of time to plan, you can pick your dream destination, because you will have enough time to accomplish it. When you plan a last-minute travel, you will end up with any destination available, because that is what your wallet can afford. So, if you are not a freak traveller, that all destinations are valid, take some time to plan your dream travel.

Pack low and take just a hand luggage

For this tip here, I’d recommend you to click here and read this other post. Spoiler: we already traveled to Greece for 15 days taking only our hand luggage and we are going to tell you how. With less luggage you can save a lot of money with the low-cost flights. The checked-in baggages can cost a lot and you could use this money for so many other things. So, give us another five minutes and read that post.

Are you ready to use all those tips and transform your life a little bit and make at least one pretty nice long travel per year? So don’t waist any more time and change your habits today to travel much more tomorrow! 😉