Sihanoukville Beaches, Islands and Party.

In south Cambodia, there’s a very popular city called Sihanoukville. If you are planning a travel to Cambodia, you probably got to this name. There are several different opinions about this city on the world-wide-web. Many people say that the beaches are bad, others that the beaches are nice. Some say that there are just places for party-animals travellers and others give you the advice to avoid it and use the city just as a bridge to the islands. We are here to confirm that everything is true. Keep reading to learn why!

Let’s have a party!

The central and main area in Sihanoukville, where you are also going to find the main city port, is the party area. The place is mainly visited by young travellers from all around the world and the spirit around there is to enjoy some techno nights on the beach side of Cambodia.

The beach in this area is called Serendipity. This beach is not too clean but looks pretty nice. The temperature in the area can easily get a real feel of 40 or more Celsius degrees, so some refreshing is very welcome. This beach is also very crowded and very loud, so if that’s what you are looking for, you just found it!

In the picture above you see the part of the Beach that is before the port. The main beach area is the one showed as a featured image in this post. Roll the page back up to see it! ☺️

No parties, please. I just want some peace.

If you are searching just for a peaceful moment, a nice beach to sit and relax and far from the crowded touristic areas, you must go a little bit far from the city centre. Around 5 kilometres from the Sihanoukville’s port is Otres Beach. This beach is our favourite in there. It is super peaceful, definitely not crowded and it is a place where you can simply lay back and relax.

The water in this area is pretty warm. It can give you some refreshing, but actually, it is not the nice fresh diving that you will be expecting. Also, the beach is very calm, almost no waves and it goes deep very slowly. You can walk around 20 meters and still have the water at your waist height.

The positive part is that at the beach there are several trees to grant you shadow and the wind will help you to deal with the heat.  The negative part is that some locals go there to make their meals. By that don’t think that they just take a sandwich and a soda. They really take several full cooking pots, plastic plates, forks, knives, spoons and glasses. The families are huge, so it’s around 15 or more people sitting around the food making a mess. What made us really sad is that they leave all their trashes behind. The beach starts absolutely clean and ends the day full of local trash. The good thing is that somebody (that we don’t know who, because we didn’t see) cleans it daily, so you can expect a pretty nice and clean beach on the next day.

I am not a party animal, but I want to be where the people are.

So, the perfect beach for you, in this case, is Sokha Beach. It is very near to Serendipity and where the nightlife happens, but a little bit out of the great mass. This beach is clean, very beautiful and has a long and large sand area. The water is as warm as in Otres Beach, but there you will find some beach bars to buy some fresh drinks and food to enjoy your time better. It is a very beautiful beach and we highly recommend as something between party and peace.

I want Paradisiacal beaches!

If you are not into parties, not into peaceful beaches, just into paradisiacal sightseeing, then you should take the ferry to the islands. Daily, from Sihanoukville port, there are ferries that will take you to some islands near there. The most famous two are Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloen. Besides those two, you can also visit Koh Ta Kiev and Koh Thmei. One thing that you should be aware before going to the islands to spend few days around those stunning scenarios is that probably you won’t find internet connection easily, nor hot water for your shower or some late at night electricity spots. Most of those islands remain like old times, besides some very touristic points are already trying to improve. So, just be aware that you don’t have those things guaranteed during your stay. About the hot water, believe me, the weather is so warm around there that you might not even feel the difference.

So, this entire area is very nice for relaxing says or crazy nights partying. Just pick the place that fit at most with you and has some fun!

Date of our visit to Sihanoukville: 5 – 8.04.2017