Summer Breeze: Heavy Metal Festival in Bavarian Way

There is something that the Germans can make very well besides the beer: a very good Heavy Metal festival. Germany is already know by one of the biggest festivals in the category running on north and now I am here to introduce you to something very good running in South: The Summer Breeze Open Air. It is a great way to keep the heavy metal running the entire summer, because this festival runs during the third weekend in August since 2006. Join me there and learn more about this Heavy Metal festival made in a very Bavarian way.

Summer Breeze important infos

Since 2006 in the small city of Dinkelsbühl, somewhere in the Bavarian area between Stuttgart and Nuremberg, the black flags goes down and the doors to a Heavy Metal party are opened for few days during August. The festival goes intensively for 3 days and attracts around 40.000 headbangers. It is a smaller festival but with a lot of potential with an amazing campsite structure and a festival area that will bring up all the metal spirit to close the summer with a golden key.

The festival has 4 stages, two main stages in a great open air area and another two smaller venues. The bands start playing daily at 11:00 and the music doesn’t stop running until the late night has arrived and the owls already turn their necks. Besides being a smaller festival, the line up is as good as a big one and you will bang your head with bands like Korn, Amon Amarth, Kreator, Megadeth, Moonspell, Hatebreed, Children of Bodom, Overkill and others 100 bands. The only difference is that a smaller crowd gives you a better view, bet on that! You can check more bands clicking here.

Tickets for Summer Breeze are still available and they cost only 111,00 euros with camping site included! Click here to buy!

Camping Rules

The first good news is that the campsite is for free to everyone that arrives on Wednesday. If you are very anxious and can’t wait the festival to arrive and want to be there already on Tuesday, you can, but there’s a small fee of 10 euros per person to help keep the campsite so early in place. Also, if you are driving with you car, you can park it right by the side of your tent. In this case, doesn’t matter when you arrive, each car needs to pay a parking fee of 10 euros for the entire time in the festival. Just remember that once your car is parked, need to stay there until the end of the festival. Motorhome, campers, vans and small trucks are not permitted in the campsite. If you intend to go with one, you will need to find a place to park outside the festival.

About the working hours of the campsite, it will be opened on Tuesday from 10:00 to 22:00 (or until the car line is over). For security measures the access to the campsite will be closed on Tuesday and then opened again at 10:00 on Wednesday, so plan your arrival accordingly to this time table. From Wednesday on it will remains opened until Sunday, but the area shall be completely clean until 14:00 on Sunday.

In the camp area is forbidden to have any kind of glass. Also glasses are forbidden inside the festival site. So, be sure to take with you only plastic bottles or aluminum cans. Cars and bags will be searched for glasses when you arrive and will be regularly inspections on the campsite during the festival time. Please, avoid trouble and leave any glass out of this party. As every rule has an exception, the glass one goes to perfume bottles, shishas and medicines, but those are allowed only at the campsite.

Oil lamps and making fire is also forbidden everywhere around the entire festival site, including the camping area. Although barbecue with charcoal is permitted, you must be careful while making one. Remember that tents are very flammable, so keep it always safe. Another not permitted thing is big holes in the ground, so leave your flags poles at home.

Your pet is also not welcome on the camping or festival site, but they found a sweet solution in case you need to leave your best paw-friend with somebody to care. There is a partnership with a local kennel and you get discounts and no extra costs about weekends and holidays during the festival days. The kennel name is Hundezentrum and the cost is reduced to fixed 18 euros per day. Click here to reserve it!

Important information

Many headbangers don’t care too much about showers during a heavy metal festival, but for those who care (like me!), they offer two kind of fees: single showers or flat rates. To have a single shower all you need to pay is 2,50 euros. Also, if you want to avoid the chemical toilets and have a cleaner option, you can use the water toilets for only 1 euro. Or you can have all of those as much as you want for a flat rate of 12 euros: unlimited showers and bathroom use.

If you are a metal daddy or mommy and want to take your child to their first metal festival, you need to know that kids under 6 years old are not allowed in any part of the festival area: camping or shows. From 7 to 15, they must be followed by at least one parent or a legal responsible person. Teenagers with 16 and 17 years old can have free access to the camp and festival site until midnight without a legal representative. For the night an older person be with them.

To make sure you are in a German festival, you are going to be able to relax between one band and another at their Biergarten with WiFi access. If you want to skip the Biergarten break and take your own drinks inside the concert area, you can! As long as they are in PET bottles or Tetrapacks up to 0,5 liter or a 0,4 liter mug. Just don’t forget that you can’t take glass anywhere. Also, if you want to film or make better quality pictures of your festival experience, we must inform you that you can’t. All video cameras (including Go Pros) and DSLR cameras will be taken away at the entrance. So, to avoid any trouble, just leave your cameras at home.

Getting there

If you are driving by car, you can put Dinkelsbühl on your GPS and follow it. They promise to have plenty of signals pointing the way to the festival from there. Also, I am pretty sure that you just have to follow the line of cars with metalheads inside. But if you are planning your visit by airplane, the nearest airport is in Nuremberg, but you can also land at the Stuttgart airport if you prefer, on both airports you will be able to book a transfer bus clicking in this link.

If you’d rather to arrive by train, because you heard that the German trains are extremely comfortable and quick, you also can! Book your ticket to Dinkelsbühl and follow this timetable to get free shuttle buses to the festival! The good thing is that this free shuttle bus will run during the entire festival, so whenever you need to go to the city center, you can.

Here is the entire plan about shuttles!

The Bavarian Way

Of course that this festival needed something very special to bring up the Bavarian aspects of it: the GREEN CAMP. This campsite is special and need to be reserved in advance by clicking here. If you are searching for some peace to rest your head and mind after such a busy day at the festival, the Green Camp is the perfect solution for you. It has some restrict rules involving noises and silence time. Also is the clean and peaceful area, to bring you the perfect camping experience during a loud and noisy heavy metal festival. The good news is that this camp is for free!

Summer Breeze is perfect for a south German tour

If you are a Heavy Metal lover and want to experience a nice European festival while traveling around, all you have to do is to plan your dates well. The good thing about the Summer Breeze is that it is almost when the greater heating is gone and you can have a very pleasant weather to enjoy your travel. Explore south Germany and bang your head at the same time avoiding the crowded summer season high peaks!

All that said, I am sure you want to pack your bag and come to Summer Breeze. The good news is that you still have time to plan it in your travel, because the tickets are still available, click here to get your for only 111,00 euros. If you come, just don’t forget that the festival is at the country side and the fences must always be respected. Also, take a good care of the nature, so this festival can happen every year and you can find always a very good excuse for a European Tour around August! 😉