The Romeo and Juliet’s Verona

You don’t know what “romantic” is until you arrive in Verona, the city of the tragic-love story of Romeo and Juliet. Although their story is as real as a fairytale, you almost can smell love in the air. Do you want to know more? So, Join Me There!

Gotta trust my memory…

I have to be honest with you, I made this travel back in 2012 when I had recently moved to Italy. I was living in the very south, rented a car and went all the way up to Germany. On the way, I made a few stops. The first one in was Caserta because there is a Palace where a scene of Star Wars was recorded. The second stop was in Orvieto and I really need to dedicate an entire post to this beautiful medieval city! The third city before going to Frankfurt was Verona. I am going through some photos to make a feelings revival and I am going to do my best to bring you the best of it!

Older than Shakespeare

The decision of going to Verona was made exclusively to see Juliet’s house and have a feeling about Romeo and Juliet’s beautiful – but tragic – love story. You must know that Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is not a real story and actually is the author interpretation of a poem from Dante Alighieri, “A Tale of Montagues and Capulets”, dated from the begin of the 14th century. Shakespeare kept as close as possible to Dante’s original story. All the drama happens in Verona and it is mainly about the fight between two strong families. Some studies say that the piece could easily have been inspired in some true story going by Dante’s life while growing up, but besides that, it is all a very beautiful legend that made the city the main tourist attraction for all those who believe in true and deep love.

Juliet’s House

The famous house sits at Via Cappello, 23 and really belonged to the family “Dal Cappello”, also interpreted as “Cappelletti”. The family lived there since the 13th century and many say that this was Dante’s inspiration for his poem. The famous balcony where Romeo declares his love for Juliet, according to Shakespeare, was just added to the property in the last century, so this part is indeed a bit fanciful.

Even with nothing being confirmed, the house still attracts tourists from all over the world and has a “Romeo and Juliet” experience inside. You will find pieces of furniture used in movies, pieces of clothes dated back from the time and you can even leave a letter to Juliet, asking for your true love. Another two very unique things that are part of the experience: the house’s walls are completely covered with couples names and some parts they even added up a layer of paper for new names to come. Also, if you go to the inner garden, right under Juliet’s balcony, you will find a bronze statue of the lady. It is said that if you rub her breasts, you are going to have luck in love.

You can visit the house under a fee of €6,00.

Juliet Grave

If you are really into going deep into Romeo and Juliet’s tragic story, it is said that they know even where she is buried and maybe the couple’s death occurred. It is at the number 35 of the  Via del Pontiere that you can also pay a €6,00 fee and check it yourself. According to Verona’s official page, there are high chances that this is the exact place where the remains of Juliet are laying.

More of Verona

Besides the love story set in a poem by Dante and translated into a book by Shakespeare, Verona is a very beautiful city. They have their own Roman Amphitheater and they even have regular concerts there. The huge plazas are also decorating the city and a stop by for a nice pasta is highly recommended.

I really hope to be back to the love city very soon, so I can bring much more information for you. In the meanwhile, check our other articles and Join Me There! 😉