Tomorrowland Belgium 2015: Rain and Fantasy.

One of the biggest electronic festivals of the world, Tomorrowland attracted around 180.000 people to celebrate the first edition of “Melodia”, in the 11º edition of the festival, in 2015.

Visiting Tomorrowland is really getting into a new world, new “reality” and experience the most amazing festival of the genre. Since 2005, its first edition, Tomorrowland developed so much that already had 4 prizes as the best Eletronic Music Festival of the World. Also, together with this year edition, Tomorrowland launched a new festival in Brazil and since last year (2014) it has also the Tomorrow World, an American version of the festival.

Pre-Experiencing Tomorrowland

The whole thing starts much earlier than the festival itself. It start when you receive at your place, the amazing Ticket box. It’s a very well made box with your bracelet, a letter with the instruction on how activate it and a small music box.

If you plan on going to Tomorrwoland, pay attention to the instructions on how activate your bracelet, because it is not your ticket to enter the festival and the camping site, but also your money inside the festival. You must recharge your bracelet with your credit card in the festival or recharge it using other payments ways before the festival. Don’t worry if you recharged more than you used. After the festival is over, you get your money back.

Besides your precious box (a great souvenir to be kept as a memory), you also get ready for the festival, running your radio with your favorite DJs that will be attending the festival and also packing all the items to camp for a weekend in the Belgium country side. Unless you’d rather stay in a hotel, of course.

Fantasy Days

I drove to Tomorrowland with a friend. We depart from Cologne, in Germany and arrived easily in the festival site. So, if you plan going with your own car or renting a car near by, nothing to worry about. Just follow your GPS until you get closer and then just follow the crowd!

We arrived on day before the festival so we could guarantee a nice place in the camping site. For our surprise, they already set a stage in the camping area, near to the food court, so we could feel what was waiting for us for the next days.

Unfortunately the weather was not the best ones. The first festival day was pretty windy, but on the next two days we had to deal with the rain. So, pack your rain coat if you want to enjoy the best of the festival and don’t forget to fix well your tent to the ground if you want to go back to the camping site and find it there. If you don’t like to stay longer in the rain, you can distract yourself like I did: get together some metal pipes from the broken festival tents and build up your own “Tomorrowland Throne”.

Well, let’s go to the festival site conversation. Tomorrowland is huge and has several stages. Some bigger others smaller. The fact is that each one brings you a different experience and feeling transforming all the Festival-experience into something unique. Of course, you need to walk in a “crowd-speed” which make the tour around all the stage a bit slower than the expected. But be ready to see stages over the see, inside a boat, into a giant garden world and environments full of fantasy. In the end of your first tour, you can rest at the grass in front of the main stage, but before it rains and all become a big mud hole.

The food  and the beverage might be a bit more expensive, but nothing that you won’t be prepared while attending to a festival.
If you think you missed something, nothing to worry about. They have a newspaper (!), yes a NEWSPAPER for everyday of the festival and even an extra on showing what happened on the entire weekend. There’s no way you won’t be tuned on what is going on around there.

If you like to get higher than the law allows you (read “besides consuming alcoholic beverage”), be aware that drugs are not allowed in the festival or camping site and they don’t go low with the checking. The festival security crew and the local police are everywhere checking the crowd even with drug-hunting-dogs.

Feel like visiting the biggest electronic of the world? So don’t waist time, get your tickets clicking here and pack your fantasy bag to this wonder world!