Wacken build up the first beer pipeline in the world

No, you didn’t get it wrong. Wacken is building up a massive beer Pipeline. Of course that a headline like that could only happen in one place in this world: Germany. Even more obvious to say that something like this will happen in a Heavy Metal festival, where the audience usually uses beer as a fuel. If you are still wondering, what the hell is a “beer pipeline”, just keep the reading!

A Beer Pipeline

For the 28th edition of the festival, with an investment of 1 million euros, Wacken is building up the first Beer Pipeline in the world. The length is of 7km and it will bring around 400.000 litres of beer to the festival. To make sure that the beer will arrive fresh and nice, they are building up this pipe 80 cm under earth. They estimate that this will refuel the festival with one beer glass per second and avoid that trucks carrying the beer will get stuck in the line.

An Investment to the Future

According to the previous editions it was sold around 383.000 litres of beer. This is around 5,1 litre per person attending the festival, which has always its 75.000 tickets sold out. With this beer pipeline they will have the flexibility of selling much more beer in the future festivals without getting worried about logistics. Can you imagine how many trucks where needed to bring all those beer to Wacken? Not anymore.

I even risk a guess that with such fresh beer arriving to the festival, the consumption will increase. It will be amazing to see some great shows like Alice Cooper, Kreator, Megadeth and Avantasia, enjoying such a cold and nice beer in the middle of that metal paradise that is Wacken. To see more bands participating in the festival, please click here!

Not only Beer

Of course that after making such an investment, not only Beer will run. They also installed ducts for fresh water and the electricity will be running to the festivals underground. The festival guarantee the quality of the tubes and assure the audience that the hygiene will be all the time well checked. So, nothing to worry about! 😉

Go to Wacken

If you want to be one of the firsts 75.000 metalheads to try out the nectar of Gods straight from a Beer Pipeline, than you need to attend Wacken this year. The amazing event will happen from 3 to 5 August in 2017 and you can click here to get all the informations on how to get ready for Wacken!

The best news for you is that there are still a few tickets available so you can rush quicker than the beer in the pipeline and get your ticket now just by clicking here!