Welcome to Join Me There

Like a new rocket, ready to explore new places, to achieve new levels and to go as far as it can, Join Me There is on air! Not only in the air, but on the road, the rivers, the paths, the small ways, the mountains and ready for any adventure we can get to. If you want to see the world, fasten your seat belt and Join Me There!

Newborn project from old dreams

The project Join Me There was born in August 2016, but was just some scrabbling in a piece of paper, a name and one idea. For months we developed it, created, thought, planned and finally, 6 months later, we launched it so the world can experience it with us. Join Me There is a travel blog created by two persons that decided to risk more and go further. We are boyfriend and girlfriend for around 1 and a half years and in 2016 we traveled a lot, but still just half of what we want to travel together. We’ve been to Check Republic, Portugal, Greece (2x in the year – once on an Island and the other time on the continent), France and Hungary. Inside Germany we’ve been to the Oktoberfest together and with our extra cool truck we went on some Lake-seek adventure. All of this only in one single year: 2016. We already have a big travel ahead of us, but this will take another post.

What you will find here

Give yourself sometime to navigate and explore the corners of Join Me There. We are trying to make the navigation as simple as possible and very directed to your needs, no matter what they are. We want to give you some nice tips on How To section. We want to take you through the seven continents on Destination. We want to tell you a bit of our adventures and future plans here on the Blog and we also want to give you more images and show you our faces on the Videos section. All of this is also separated into Categories in case you want to be more specific. But if you find a page with a small message that nothing is there yet, just give us some more time. Each of us had been to several places during our lives and we want to bring all those experiences to you. Some destinations are still in development and slowly all the past travels will be filled, giving space just for the new adventures to come.

You know what? Stop reading this post and start navigating into our small world. Dig deep into our website, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat (joinmethere). Through those medias you will get to know where we are, what we are doing and what are our news. Also, we intend to go live as much as we can while travelling around. So, waist no more time and Join Me There!