Where to Kitesurf and Windsurf in Germany – Ostsee

If you want to make a quick escape to Kitesurf or Windsurf, very near to Berlin there is the Ostsee. A perfect and windy location for those sports. Also for people that just want to get out of the city for a while. Do you want to know more? So, Join Me There!

We just wanted to escape

Do you know when that day comes, that you have some free time and is so fed up with some things that decide to escape just for a day or two? Well, that was us on the last days of May. We wanted to have a quick escape from the city, see the ocean and maybe feel the waves. Just a maybe, as we all know that on North of Germany it is way too early to be that lucky. Also, we had a huge new tent to try it out. We wanted to mount it up before Hellfest.

So, we took the car and made a 3 hours drive to Loissin, a beach city in North Germany and a very special place for all the people who love the combination of wind and ocean.

Camping at the Sea

In case you don’t know, in Germany, it is not legal to camp on the wild, so if you want to mount your tent up, you are going to have to find a camping site. We picked Loissin as an escape destination because there is a campsite there right at the beach. The place is huge, well structured and beautiful! You are really just a few (safe!) steps from the water. The only problem about the place is that it is windy indeed.

We wanted to stay for 2 nights, but it was way colder than we expected, so we decided to stay just one. But for a quick thing outside Berlin, I really recommend exploring the Ostsee. On summer days the camping will be a bit packed, but on the other hand, you can easily enjoy the beach a lot! For us, the best was the sunset and to watch the people training some windsurf.